Kalonji seed also known as black seed, black cumin or black caraway or by its scientific name Nigella sativa is a flowering plant that belongs to the buttercup family. This tiny black seed melds the flavour of both onion and oregano, adding a distinct aroma to the dishes and these dry roasted seeds are used for flavouring dal, gravies, sautéed veggies, samosa and papdis. The black seed is famed as a “seed of blessing” and valued as one of the greatest healing herbs used since times immemorial owing to its indispensable medicinal and culinary purposes. Also Read: Amazing Health Benefits of Kalonji Seeds and Oil

The plethora of nutrients in kalonji seeds include vitamins, minerals, bioactive compounds, amino acids, saponin, proteins, essential fatty acids, volatile oils, iron, sodium and calcium known for stimulating metabolism, lowering cholesterol, regulating blood sugar levels and improving blood flow to all the vital organs. Besides these kalonji seeds are bestowed with vital vitamins A, C, E and K which optimize the liver and heart health and bolsters the immunity.

Ayurvedic medicine strongly recommends taking about one tablespoon of kalonji seeds daily to improve the muscle and joint functions, augments heart health, supports to lose weight and avert the risk of cancer.

The oil extracted from kalonji seeds also has a profuse amount of more than 100 beneficial compounds including essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and offer 21% protein, 38% carbs and 35% fats conferring with a ton of healing health benefits.

Foray this infographic to an insight about the magnitude of health and beauty benefits rendered by this tiny black seed.
kalonji seeds benefits