Pilates, an intense workout practice that has gained ground in the recent years, has much more to offer than physical fitness.Pilates Improves Mental Health

Though aimed at increasing muscle strength and toning, improving flexibility and also at losing weight, Pilates is equally beneficial for those fighting issues related to mental health.

It is a widely recommended form of exercise for those battling depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Since Pilates includes learning new activities and innovative forms of exercises daily, it improves memory, activates deeper muscles thus leading to the better functioning of the nervous system.

Here’s how pilates helps in improving mental health:

Correct Breathing Patterns:

Breath is one of the most powerful ways of attaining physical and mental health, according to both our ancient yoga and Pilates. Breathing techniques form one of the 8 principles of Pilates. Every Pilates workout involves certain breathing pattern that builds up stamina of each and every part in the body, supplies oxygen to every muscle, flushes out toxins.

The breathing pattern at the same time will also help you turn inwards, focus on the present, take up challenges and also reconnect with the body.

Relieves Stress:

Practicing Pilates regularly helps in coping up with the stress and anger issues. Intense Pilates workouts decrease the amounts of ‘cortisol’ the stress hormone and also increase endorphins, that provide feel-good, happiness factor for improving mood, in managing stress levels in a better way.

Sharpens Memory:

Pilates is a unique form of exercise as it engages both mind and body while working out. Pilates workouts make heart function better, help it in pumping more blood and also increase the size of hippocampus, a part of brain responsible for memory, while improving the connections within the nerve cells.

Beats Depression:

Pilates workouts are unique, challenging and innovative which in turn boost the confidence levels. The newly gained confidence helps in socializing and it also releases brain chemicals like cortisol, serotonin and endorphins just in right amounts. Regular workouts bring down mood swings, provide distraction from negative thoughts, reduces stress and provide happiness.

Improves Nervous System:

Since Pilates workouts involve deeper muscle activation, it works on the nervous system that play an important role in daily activities. Regular practice of Pilates treats insomnia, sharpens mind, boosts creativity, helps in managing chronic pains, fighting addictions and induces positive thoughts.

Make Pilates a regular routine if you are looking forward to improving your physical stamina and also mental health.