With the new normalcy of work from home continuing due to the ongoing pandemic, a recent survey found that 35% of employees reported feeling tired or having little energy even while working remotely. Well, we may be spending more time at home, but our minds are still wandering from one problem-solving test to another. Whether you are anxious about the coronavirus or concerned with online classes of your children or worried about keeping you and your family member safe or a combination of all these issues can make you easily overwhelmed, which can lead to fatigue. Well, when fatigue sets in during the day most of us reach for caffeinated beverages and fast carbs for an instant energy boost. Yes, these foods may deliver you with a quick burst of energy, but hours later may leave you feeling exhausted, brain fogged, and craving for more carbs. Restoring to refined foods laden with sugar for energy will only make you feel worse. A good lot of natural foods can confer you with the needed boost to keep you feel light and active all through the day, without the crash.

Maintaining a steady supply of energy levels requires you to eat less of easily digested carbs like sugar, bread, pasta, and more of proteins and healthy fats. The goal is to prevent rapid blood sugar variations that steal your energy. Fresh seasonal fruits and veggies, nuts, and seeds packs a chock full of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that fuel your body with nutrients and help you counteract fatigue and sustain throughout the day.

Here are a few best practices on how to eat and you will be on your way to feeling much better and active in no time.

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Never Skip Breakfast

Several pieces of evidence reveal that people who eat breakfast perform much better at work, eat lesser calories and miss fewer days of work and school than those who do not.

Limit Coffee

A cup or two of coffee is fine, however, going overboard makes you feel tired and fatigued later in the day. On top of that, drinking coffee late in the day may lead to sleepless nights and even more exhausted the next day.

Avoid Simple Carbs

Carbohydrates offer you much-needed energy for the body. But simple refined carbs like white bread, candy, and sweet laden baked stuff can lead to a carb crash making you feel dizzy or even sleepy. For a steady supply of energy, go for unrefined carbs and foods packed with fibre.

Power-up with Protein

Protein-rich foods take longer to digest and absorb. When you have a meal or snack combined with protein and carbs, it slows the release of sugar and offers you sustained energy.

Try to include some of these foods for a boost of natural energy and combat fatigue.

Checkout this infographic for more details
5 powerful foods to beat fatigue