Spondylitis is a chronic inflammation of the spinal joints located at the base of the spine.

Woman holding her shoulder

This condition causes extreme pain and stiffness throughout the neck and back, even while sleeping.

Do you know back pain — the most common symptom of spondylitis and stiffness gets worse with the rest?

The pain could be intense in the morning when you are about to start your day as fluids in the bone joints tend to thicken soon after resting for sometime. Pain and stiffness are also experienced in other areas such as your neck, shoulders, hip or feet.

Although it’s potent to consult your doctor to get the right medications and treatment for spondylitis, there are few natural pain-comforting plans to manage back pain and other symptoms.


Spondylitis symptoms become worse in the morning as joint fluids have a tendency to thicken while the body is at rest. A sequence of gentle stretches done soon after waking up can reduce the pain and ease the movement of joints.

Be On The Move

Extended duration of rest and inactivity are often discouraged as they tend to worsen joint stiffness. Instead, the patients are recommended to practice a set of therapist approved, low-impact movements throughout the day to keep the body flexible and promote its range of motion.

Performing Strength Training

Specific workouts that strengthen the core, back, and abdominal muscles aids in correcting the muscle imbalances that cause an additional weight load on the spine.

Practice Yoga

Yoga can promote physical flexibility and help in relieving stress - the most vital goals during spondylitis treatment.


Low-impact swimming is best to support the weight of the body during exercise, this can lessen the pressure on the spine.

Maintaining Right Posture

It is always important to maintain good posture and sit up straight, as slouching can stress the spinal tendons, ligaments and joints, all of which can cause the back to curve unnaturally forward.

Hot Bath

Heat can pacify inflammation and enhance blood flow, helping to remove lactic acid and other waste products that increase muscle stiffness.

Proper Sleep Positions

Patients are able to lessen spondylitis -related rest disturbances by altering their sleeping position to enhanced support the spine.

Quit Smoking

Several studies reveal that tobacco use can worsen neck, and back pain, so individuals who smoke are advised to quit.


Taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory prescriptions drugs help alleviating the inflammation leading to spondylitis.