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What is VENIZ XR 75MG?

  • VENIZ XR 75MG contains Venlafaxine which belongs to a group of medicine called anti-depressants
Therapeutic Uses
Warning & Precautions
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Side Effects
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What VENIZ XR 75MG is used for?

  • VENIZ XR 75MG is used to treat depression and other conditions such as anxiety disorders

Talk to Doctor

Pregnancy & Breast Feeding

Children & Adolescents

Driving & Using Machines

Talk to your doctor before taking this medicine, if you:

  • are allergic to VENIZ XR 75MG or any of the other ingredients
  • have eye problems, such as certain kinds of glaucoma (increased pressure in the eye)
  • have high blood pressure and/or diabetes
  • have heart, liver or kidney problems
  • have fits (seizures)
  • have low sodium levels in your blood (hyponatraemia)
  • tend to develop bruises or a tendency to bleed easily (history of bleeding disorders)
  • have cholesterol levels get higher
  • have a history of, or if someone in your family has had, mania or bipolar disorder (feeling over-excited or euphoric)
  • have a history of aggressive behaviour
  • are depressed and/or have anxiety disorders, you can sometimes have thoughts of harming or killing yourself
  • If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, think you may be pregnant or are planning to have a baby, ask your doctor for advice before taking this medicine
  • VENIZ XR 75MG should normally not be used for children and adolescents under 18 years
  • It can cause impaired judgement, thinking, and movement and coordination as well as problems with vision
  • If you are affected by any of these you should not drive, operate machinery or take part in any activities where such effects could put you or others at risk

Tell your doctor if you are taking,

  • monoamine oxidase inhibitors which are used to treat depression or Parkinson’s disease
  • triptans (used for migraine)
  • medicines to treat depression, for instance SNRI, SSRIs, tricyclics, or medicines containing lithium, moclobemide, a reversible MAOI or products containing tryptophan
  • linezolid, an antibiotic (used to treat infections)
  • sibutramine (used for weight loss)
  • tramadol, fentanyl, tapentadol, pethidine, or pentazocine (used to treat severe pain) (a pain-killer)
  • dextromethorphan (used to treat coughing)
  • methadone (used to treat opioid drug addiction or severe pain)
  • methylene blue (used to treat high levels of methemoglobin in the blood)
  • antipsychotics
  • medicines that can affect your heart rhythm
  • antibiotics such as erythromycin or moxifloxacin (used to treat bacterial infections)
  • antihistamines (used to treat allergy)
  • ketoconazole (an antifungal medicine)
  • haloperidol or risperidone (to treat psychiatric conditions)
  • metoprolol (a beta blocker to treat high blood pressure and heart problems)
  • Always take this medicine exactly as your doctor has told you
  • The usual recommended starting dose for treatment of depression, generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder is 75 mg per day
  • Maximum recommended dose is 375 mg daily for depression
  • The maximum dose for generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder and panic disorder is 225 mg/day
  • Take VENIZ XR 75MG at approximately the same time each day, either in the morning or in the evening
  • It must be swallowed whole with fluid and not opened, crushed, chewed or dissolved
  • It should be taken with food

If you take more VENIZ XR 75MG

  • If you take more VENIZ XR 75MG, call your doctor immediately

If you forget to take VENIZ XR 75MG

  • If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. However, if it is time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and take only a single dose as usual

If you stop taking VENIZ XR 75MG

  • Do not stop taking VENIZ XR 75MG without talking to your doctor
Very Rare

Like all medicines, this medicine can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.

  • chest tightness, wheezing, trouble swallowing or breathing, swelling of the face, throat, hands or feet
  • feeling nervous or anxious, dizziness, throbbing sensations, sudden reddening of the skin and/or a warm feeling
  • severe rash, itching or hives (elevated patches of red or pale skin that often itch)
  • serotonin syndrome which may include restlessness, hallucinations, loss of coordination, fast heartbeat, increased body temperature, fast changes in blood pressure, overactive reflexes, diarrhoea, coma, nausea, vomiting
  • Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS) include a combination of fever, fast heartbeat, sweating, severe muscle stiffness, confusion, increased muscle
  • coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and a high temperature
  • blood vomit, black (tarry) stools or blood in stools
  • yellow skin or eyes, itchiness or dark urine, which may be symptoms of inflammation of the liver (hepatitis)
  • heart problems such as fast or irregular heart rate, increased blood pressure
  • eye problems such as blurred vision, dilated pupils
  • nerve problems such as pins and needles, movement disorder, seizures or fits
  • psychiatric problems, such as hyperactivity and euphoria (feeling unusually overexcited)
  • appetite decreased
  • confusion; feeling separated (or detached) from yourself; lack of orgasm; decreased libido; nervousness; insomnia; abnormal dreams
  • drowsiness; tremor; pins and needles; increased muscle tonus
  • visual disturbance including blurred vision; dilated pupils; inability of the eye to automatically change focus from distant to near objects
  • ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • palpitations
  • increase in blood pressure, flushing
  • yawning
  • increased frequency in urination, difficulties passing urine
  • menstrual irregularities such as increased bleeding or increased irregular bleeding, abnormal ejaculation/orgasm (males), erectile dysfunction (impotence)
  • weakness (asthenia), fatigue, chills increased cholesterol
  • sweating (including night sweats)
  • hallucinations, feeling separated (or detached) from reality, agitation, abnormal orgasm (females), lack of feeling or emotion, feeling over-excited, grinding of the teeth
  • a sensation of restlessness or an inability to sit or stand still, involuntary movements of the muscles, impaired coordination and balance, altered taste sensation
  • fast heartbeat, feeling dizzy (particularly when standing up too quickly)
  • shortness of breath
  • general swelling of the skin especially the face, mouth, tongue, throat area or hands and feet and/or a raised itchy rash (hives) may be present, sensitivity to sunlight, bruising, rash, abnormal hair loss
  • inability to pass urine, inability to control urination
  • over activity, racing thoughts and decreased need for sleep
  • reduced number of platelets in your blood, leading to an increased risk of bruising or bleeding, blood disorders which may lead to an increased risk of infection
  • swollen face or tongue, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, often with skin rashes
  • excessive water intake
  • decrease in blood sodium levels
  • suicidal ideation and suicidal behaviours
  • disorientation and confusion often accompanied by hallucination (delirium)
  • aggression, high temperature with rigid muscles, confusion or agitation, and sweating, or jerky muscle movements
  • severe eye pain and decreased or blurred vision
  • vertigo
  • decrease in blood pressure, abnormal, rapid or irregular heartbeat, which could lead to fainting
  • unexpected bleeding, e.g. bleeding gums, blood in the urine or in vomit
  • coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and a high temperature
  • unexplained muscle pain, tenderness or weakness (rhabdomyolysis)
  • reduce the function of platelets in your blood


Additional Information


  • Keep this medicine out of reach of children
  • Do not use the medicine after the expiry date
  • Store at room temperature (15-25ºC)

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