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Parkinsonism Rx required

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  • PARKITIDIN contains Amantadine which belongs to a group of antiviral drugs
Therapeutic Uses
Warning & Precautions
Directions & For Use
Side Effects
More Information

What PARKITIDIN is used for?

  • PARKITIDIN is used to prevent or treat a certain type of flu infection (influenza A)

Talk to Doctor

Pregnancy & Breast Feeding

Children & Adolescents

Driving & Using Machines

Tell your doctor before taking this medicine, if you:

  • are allergic (hypersensitive) to amantadine hydrochloride
  • suffer from fits (convulsions), for example epilepsy
  • have ever had an ulcer in your stomach or small intestine
  • suffer from any serious kidney disease
  • If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, think you may be pregnant or are planning to have a baby, ask your doctor for advice before taking this medicine
  • PARKITIDIN is not recommended during pregnancy unless clearly necessary
  • Breast-feeding is not recommended during treatment with PARKITIDIN
  • Children under 10 years should take PARKITIDIN as directed by your doctor
  • Taking this medicine may make your vision blurred or make you feel dizzy
  • If you are affected you should not drive or use machines until the effect has worn off

Tell your doctor if you are taking or have recently taken any of the following medicines as they may interfere with PARKITIDIN:

  • anti-cholinergics - (used to treat Parkinson’s disease) such as procyclidine
  • anti-spasmodics - (used to treat stomach spasms or cramps) such as hyoscine
  • levodopa - used to treat Parkinson’s disease
  • anti-psychotics - (used to improve thoughts, feelings and behaviour when these are disturbed in certain medical conditions) such as chlorpromazine, haloperidol
  • diuretics (water tablets) - (used to relieve water retention and reduce high blood pressure) such as hydrochlorothiazide, amiloride or triamterene
  • Always take PARKITIDIN exactly as your doctor has told you to
  • Swallow this medicine whole with a drink of water
  • Dose may vary according to the patients age and clinical condition

If you take more PARKITIDIN

  • If you accidentally take too much of this medicine, or someone else takes any of your medicine, you should tell your doctor at once or contact the nearest accident and emergency department

If you forget to take PARKITIDIN

  • If you miss a dose, take another as soon as you remember, unless it is almost time for your next dose. Then go on as before
  • Do not take a double dose

If you stop taking PARKITIDIN

  • If you are taking anti-psychotics (used to treat mental disturbances) and you suddenly stop taking PARKITIDIN, you may develop a collection of symptoms including: fever, sweating, rapid heartbeat, muscle stiffness and loss of bladder control
Very Rare

Like all medicines, PARKITIDIN can cause side effects, although not everyone gets them.

  • dizziness or lightheadedness
  • convulsions (fits)
  • fainting
  • swollen ankles
  • red blotchy spots on the skin
  • feeling overexcited
  • headache
  • feeling tired
  • hallucinations
  • nightmares
  • difficulty in controlling movements and concentration
  • slurred speech
  • blurred vision
  • feeling nervous
  • depression
  • difficulty sleeping
  • muscle pain
  • fast or irregular heartbeat
  • Low blood pressure when standing up.
  • dry mouth
  • loss of appetite
  • feeling or being sick
  • constipation
  • sweating


  • confusion
  • disorientation (not knowing where you are)
  • disturbed thoughts or behavior such as feeling paranoid
  • shakiness
  • have muscle stiffness
  • diarrhea
  • skin rash
  • problems with your eyes such as itchiness or redness
  • loss of bladder control
  • heart problems which cause shortness of breath or ankle swelling
  • reduction in the number of white blood cells which makes infections more likely
  • changes in blood tests which show how the liver is working
  • sensitivity to sunlight
Additional Information


  • Keep this medicine out of reach of children
  • Do not use PARKITIDIN after the expiry date
  • Store at room temperature (15-25ºC)


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Parkitidin Tablet 10'S

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