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An insulin pen is a medical device used by individuals with diabetes to inject insulin into the body. The device provides a convenient and portable method for the diabetic patients to manage their blood sugar levels.  Insulin pens are designed to deliver insulin to the human body with greater accuracy and convenience. The key components of an insulin pen device include a cartridge, dose regulator and a needle. You can buy insulin pen online from most of the leading online pharmacies.

Types Of Insulin Pen

  • Replaceable/Reusable Pen: Majority of the pens available in the market have replaceable insulin needles. The needles have become extremely short and thin these days to ensure minimum discomfort to the user.
  • Disposable: The pens come with a preloaded insulin cartridge that is disposed after a single use.

How To Use An Insulin Pen

It is always preferred to seek medical advice before using an insulin pen for the first time. Following is a general guideline for usage:

  1. The pens need to be refrigerated and removed 30 minutes prior to administration
  2. Roll the pen in between your palms slowly and steadily to allow the insulin to mix properly
  3. Tilt the pen up and down several times until the insulin appears clear
  4. With the help of a cotton swab and ethanol, clean the area of the skin where the insulin would be injected. Upper outer arms, abdomen, buttocks, and upper outer thighs are some of the recommended areas
  5. After selecting the dose, grab the skin with thumb and first finger and insert the needle straight into your skin
  6. Insert the needle and hold the pen at the same position for ten seconds
  7. Avoid rubbing the skin to prevent the medicine from leaking out
  8. Remove the pen and dispose the needle and finally replace the pen cap