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Hallens infant (1g) Suppositories are used to treat acute and intermediate constipation in children below 2 years of age. It helps to treat temporary constipation, acute and unexpected constipation and sluggish bowel movement in children which leads them to pass stool infrequently. Hallens infant (1g) Suppositories contain Glycerine as an active ingredient that acts as a laxative.

Glycerin is a mild irritant which increases the frequency of bowel movement by stimulating the bowel muscles to contract. These contractions help to move stools and makes passing them out of the body.

Always use Hallens infant (1g) Suppositories exactly as advised by your child’s doctor. It is for rectal use only. Insert 1 Hallens infant (1g) Suppository well upto child’s rectum and retain it for few minutes. Read the label within the packet carefully before using this medicine.


  • Glycerine


Written By Dr. Haritha C K, BDS
Last updated on 21 Aug 2023 | 02:54 PM(IST)


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HALLENS CHILD (2G) Suppositories 5's
Prescription Constipation
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HALLENS INFANT (1G) Suppositories 5's

HALLENS INFANT (1G) Suppositories 5's Mkt: Meridian Enterprises Pvt Ltd

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