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Carmidil Drops is used to provide relief from infant colic, griping pain or sudden sharp pain in stomach, flatulence (wind), hiccups and bloating in infants and children. It contains dill oil, fennel oil, and activated dimethicone as active ingredients that helps to get rid of symptoms like bloating and stomach pain.

Dimethicone helps to lower the surface tension of gas bubbles in the digestive track thereby it facilitates the expulsion of excess gas and relieves painful pressure. Dill oil and fennel oil reduces muscle cramps or spasm and increases intestinal motility.

Always give Carmidil Drops exactly as advised by your child’s doctor. Shake well before use. For infants below 6 months give 5-10 drops, infants between 6-12 months give 10-20 drops, and for children over one year of age give 20-25 drops or as directed by your doctor. Give 4 times daily 15 minutes before feed. Do not give if your child is allergic to any of its ingredients.


  • Activated Dimethicone
  • Dill Oil
  • Fennel Oil



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Last updated on 10 May 2023 | 04:16 PM(IST)

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