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OXY2000C Ring Pulse oximeter is an important and common device to check pulse oxygen saturation (Sp02) and pulse rate (PR). It's a small, compact, simple, reliable and durable physiological monitoring device. It includes the main board, a LCD display, and a lithium battery. It can be used in hospitals and health care organizations, oxygen bars and during family nursing and physical activities like sports (you can use it before or after the sport, but it is not recommended to use it during the sport).

  • RING design: For the first time in India, Oxygize has introduced an oximeter which is not fingertip but in a ring shape. Hence, suitable for everyone from infants to senior citizens. Being a ring oximeter gives more stability and can be used while doing exercise or any regular work. Bluetooth Connectivity: Oxygize oximeters are one of its kind with Bluetooth connectivity. With application “OXYCARE” you can make, share and keep track of your reports on your android as well as IOS mobile phones. No other Oximeter has this function.
  • Charging Facility: Oxygize ring oximeter comes with a USB cable and inbuilt lithium battery, which provides hassle-free usage for 6hrs once it is charged. No other oximeters in India have a charging facility. Highly recommended: This is a small, compact, simple, effective and durable physiological monitoring device. It is very important and can be used in hospitals and healthcare organizations, oxygen bars, or during family nursing and some physical activities. It is very helpful and fully reliable. 
  • Untie the Velcro tape, press the power button, and sensor will light up. Put your finger through Velcro strap, close to the sensor receiving tube and a transmitting tube. Ensure that the finger completely covers the oxygen receiving tube and the transmitting tube. The best measuring position is the index finger joining the first section. Adjust the Velcro tape to the most suitable firmness and finally fasten the Velcro tape.
  • Wait for a few moments till the measurement value is stable and the SpO2 value and PR value can be steadily read on the screen.
  • In the process of use, your finger and body should avoid motion.
  • When the finger leaves the pulse oximeter or no signal is generated, the display will enter the standby state in a short time, and the pulse oximeter will automatically shut down after 10 seconds. 
  • Don't put the product on extremities with the arterial catheter or venous syringe.
  • Cover the sensor with opaque material under the condition of strong light. Failure to do so will result in an inaccurate measurement.
  • Try to keep the patient still (especially the arm) and avoid excessive motion on the part suffering.
  • Don't use the product on patients whose pulse rate is lower than 30 bpm, which may cause incorrect results.
  • Make sure no contamination or scar exists in the site where the product is placed. Otherwise, the measured result may be incorrect because the signal received by the sensor is affected.
  • When used on different patients, the product is prone to cross-contamination, which should be prevented and controlled by the user. Disinfection is recommended before using the product on other patients.

OXY2000C ring pulse oximeter is with the Bluetooth communication function. It can send data to an intelligent terminal and computer (related software has been installed) with a communication function. 

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