Onetouch Delica Lancing Device (Free Lancets 25's)

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The OneTouch Delica Lancing Device, featuring Advanced Glide Control System, is designed for comfortable testing of glucose level in the blood. Compatible only with OneTouch Delica Lancets.

  • Advanced Glide Control System guides the lancet precisely in a swift, straight motion for a smooth, stable lancing experience
  • Controlled vibration for smooth and precise lancing
  • Uses OneTouch Delica lancets in 2 sizes, 30G Fine and 33G Extra Fine
  • Ejection control for safe and easy removal of the lancets
  • 7 depth settings allow for personal comfort
  1. Remove the lancing device cap.
  2. Insert a sterile lancet into the lancing device and remove its protective cover.
  3. Adjust the depth setting: Smaller numbers are for a shallower puncture and larger numbers for a deeper puncture.
  4. Cock the lancing device by sliding the button back until it clicks.
  5. Puncture your finger: Hold the lancing device firmly against the side of your finger. Press the release button to puncture.
  6. Apply the sample: Apply the blood sample following the instructions in your OneTouch Owner’s Booklet for proper sample application.
  7. Remove the lancing device cap again.
  8. Eject the lancet: Holding the lancing device downwards, push the slider forward until the lancet comes out. Push the cap back onto the device.

Use a new lancet every time you take a blood sample. This will help prevent infection and reduce pain.

Place the lancet protection cover on a hard surface and push the lancet tip into the flat side of the disk and discard the used lancet carefully after each use to avoid unintended lancet stick injuries.


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