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Moods Dotted Condoms have uncommonly module dabs on the outside to fortify. Dotted Condoms have different raised dabs on their surface, which exhibit a segment of slight contact and make hypnotize more pleasurable for the woman. Dotted condoms are basically normal condoms, which usually have a raised textured in the form of dots, spread out all over the outer surface. These dots are added so as to create more excitement during the process of lovemaking. Moods dotted condoms come with this unique dotted texture in which every single dot is molded especially to add more pleasure. Moods Dotted condom helps to increase pleasure and excitement.

  • Straight walled, Dotted condom
  • Natural rubber latex
  • Dotted Condoms
  • Transparent
  • Open with clean hands.
  • Squeeze the teat for no air gaps.
  • Place and roll all the way down.
  • After use, throw it in a bin
  • Store in a cool, dry place to protect from rain, heat, direct sunlight and mechanical damage.
  • MOODS condoms will help you to prevent pregnancy and protect from the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

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Moods Condoms Dotted 3's

Moods Condoms Dotted 3's Mkt: Hll Lifecare Ltd

₹ 24.00 20% off MRP ₹ 30.00