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Taking Care of Feminine Hygiene

As a woman, you are expected to take care of a lot of things, be it a career, home, family, or children. However, very rarely are women taught to take appropriate care of themselves and their bodies, especially their intimate areas. A woman’s intimate area is a sensitive region that requires regular upkeep. Not only is this a hygienic necessity but it is also a must from a health point-of-view. Here’s a breakdown of the various aspects of feminine hygiene and what you might need to maintain the same:

  • Intimate Areas: One of the major aspects of maintaining feminine hygiene is taking care of your vaginal health. The vagina has a particular pH level that must not be disturbed. If it is unbalanced, it can cause itchiness, bacterial infections, and other issues. To that end, you require feminine care products like washes designed for intimate areas rather than regular soap. Make sure to pick a wash or soap that is created for the area and made using gentle ingredients.
  • Menstrual Care: As a woman falling within a certain age-bracket, you will menstruate regularly. To that end, make sure to use sanitary pads, menstrual cups or tampons. Again, purchase feminine products as per your preference and comfort. Do opt for products that will be gentle to your intimate area without disturbing the pH level or causing irritation.
  • Shaving: Lastly, depending on your liking, you might want to shave or wax your intimate area. Ideally, visit a professional for waxing purposes. As far as shaving goes, a trimming with scissors is the best option as using razors or creams can trigger ingrown hair or skin irritation.

From anti-bacterial washes to panty-liners and everything in between, today you have an array of feminine hygiene products to help you keep your intimate area healthy. If you want to browse and purchase the same from within your home, you can find various options at Netmeds.


How do women maintain proper hygiene?

There is no one-size-fits-all hygiene routine that applies to all women. However, keeping the intimate area clean, even by using just warm water and taking care of yourself during menstruation is enough. Simply avoid practices or products that can upset the pH balance of your vagina.

How do you maintain female hygiene?

You should wash your intimate areas once a day, using warm water, and more often during your menstrual cycle. You can also use a mild wash or soap, or other suitable products. However, make sure to not over-wash, as it may lead to skin dryness or irritation.