Hot Octopuss Pulse Iii Solo Guybrator

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Hot Octopuss Pulse III is an orgasmic revolution in the globe of male masturbators.Powered by the patented pulse plate technology,this sex toy is what creates magic in your masturbation sessions.This provides an impressive amount of stimulation to your penis driving you to a completely hands-free orgasm. This kickass masturbator just doesn’t vibrate,it “oscillates”.Oscillation is the motion of moving or swinging back and forth in a regular,steady rhythm,which creates much deeper,intense and rumbling rhythmic sensations from the head of the penis till the whole shaft.It wraps around your penis ever-so snugly and sits so close to the skin that the vibrations run deep within every inch.If you have been bored of the constant tiring stroking,your mind will be blown by this ultimate masturbator.The sensation will be more explosive than anything you have experienced before.It will be like learning to masturbate all over again.This time much better! The pulse plate technology-Pulse plate is a patented system which delivers powerful,deep,high-amplitude waves rather than low-amplitude vibrations through a piston-like mechanism,often resulting in a unique,extremely powerful orgasm.In typical sex toys,the vibrating surface moves in all possible directions,while this oscillations move the Pulse Plate in only one direction (up and down),which creates a very different,more focused,sensation,with a much higher amplitude. Vibrations-The Pulse Solo III operates on oscillations has 9 varying speeds and 5 vibration patterns to choose from.All of which can be adjusted with a touch of a button. Turbo mode-Turbo mode operates with a button on the-left hand side of the toy which jumps the vibrations to the most powerful intensity. Hands-free operation-PulseIII solo does not require the usual up and down stroking motion that comes with the regular male strokers and masturbators.PULSE III can be simply set in place and let it do its work.In other words:-you can either strap it on your dick and let it pleasure your penis,or you can slide it up and down and stimulate your cock at your leisure. Magnetic Charging-No more battery hassles!The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo IIIis USB chargeable and the charging cable is tucked in the box.There is a small connection port for charging at the base of the Pulse Solo III,this is tucked behind a small rubber flap.This flap cover is made of the same material as the Pulse IIIso it finely blends with the overall design.The Pulse Solo IIIneeds a full charge before you can begin using it,this can take around 4 hours. Design-The Pulse SoloIII isdark grey and egg-shaped,with a central hollow section and tapering curved wings that envelopes the penis.The inner surface has ridges and buttons on the side allow control of the unit,adjusting the speed of the vibrations. Packaging-The packaging is clean,techie,non-pornographic with the inner creation cocooned inside that screams luxury in every inch.The box includes a Pulse III solo guybrator,an instruction manual,a USB charging cord and an elegant drawstring pouch. Pulse III is an entire new world of pleasure that any penis owner deserves to experience!
Key benefits
Premium International Brand Hot Octopuss Imported From UK Multi-Award Winning Male Stimulator Designed For Male Solo Use High Amplitude Oscillating Pulse Plate For Out-Of-This-World Sensations 5 Modes Of Solid Vibrations Seamless Hands-Free Play Incredibly Versatile And Powerful Male Solo Toy Revolutionary Turbo Function That Goes Straight To The Maximum Intensity Adjustable Speeds For Customized Fun Expandable Wings To Fit Any Girth Size Hi-Tech Magnetic Charging With Usb Adaptor Soft,Matte,Durable Silicone Texture 100% Waterproof Genuine Product,Directly Imported By Hot Octopuss’s Licensed Indian Distributor (Thatspersonal),Officially Custom Cleared With World Class Hygienic Packaging
Direction for use/Dosage
Safety information/precaution
Charge the Hot Octopuss Pulse III for 4 hours before use by connecting the given USB cable to the magnetic end of the toy. Apply water-based lubricant inside the hollow of the stroker and to your penis as well for enhanced pleasure Start by slowly inserting the head of your penis into the stroker. Enjoy the tight sensations while your penis is being inserted into the textured vacuum To switch on this masturbator,press and hold the “function” button which is the single button on the toy for 2 seconds. To change between different vibration patterns,use the two Plus(+) and Minus(-) button on the other side of the toy. In order to switch on the turbo charge mode,you need to press and hold the Plus (+) button for 3 seconds. You can try this masturbator in both ways,with and without lubricant to experience different sensations. To switch off,press and hold the “function” button again for 2 seconds.
Other Information
By creating a toy based on medical technology,that looked more like a luxury piece of industrial design than a sex toy,Hot Octopuss changed the way sex toys were perceived,winning multiple awards in the process.Hot Octopuss sits at the cutting edge of sex toy design,taking concepts,technology and materials from outside the adult industry in order to bring pleasure products into the 21st Century.Hot Octopuss aims at creating products that go beyond conventional thinking,designed to fit in with people’s lifestyles,not just their bedrooms.

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