Bixa Botanical Revan Chini Root Powder 200 gm

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Revand chini [Botanical name – Rheum emodi] or Himalayan rhubarb or Indian rhubarb is a stout herb, endemic to the Himalayan region distributed in the temperate and subtropical region from Kashmir to Sikkim at an elevation of 2800-3000 meters in India. Revand chini grows in the alpine zone on rocky soils, moraines of Nepal or Bhutan. Revand chini consists of dried rhizome or underground stem of the plant, either whole or cut into pieces of suitable length. The roots of Himalayan rhubarb are dug up, cut transversely into short pieces (rounds and flats) which are threaded on a string and dried in the sun or by artificial heat.

Revand chini Powder helps as bitter tonic and maintains healthy intestinal functions. Indian rhubarb is largely employed in western medicine as a purgative. Paradoxically, although larger doses of Revand chini were used as a laxative, small dose were used to support healthy stool formation in Loose motions conditions. Rheum emodi supports biliary duct functions in jaundice and helps in detoxification. Regular use of Himalayan rhubarb promotes healthy monthly menstrual flow and cleansing of uterine lining (For this - Powder ed Himalayan rhubarb admixed is taken 2 days before menstruation and continue three days during menstruation. Revand chini has positive and healing effect on resolving airways blockage due to extra phlegm. Revand chini Powder ed roots are traditionally used for cleaning teeth and sprinkled over ulcers for quick healing.

Scientific study of Rhubarb has shown presence of variety of compounds like Flavonoids, anthraquinone, glycosides, tannins, volatile oils and saponins as an ingredient which supports purgative, laxative, stomachic, skin wellness actions.

Digestive, Immunity
As per recommended dosage or as advised by health practitioner
Keep away from children. For pregnant and lactating ladies take health practitioners advise. Store in cool & dry place
Ingredient: Revan chini Powder


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Bixa Botanical Revan Chini Root Powder 200 gm

Bixa Botanical Revan Chini Root Powder 200 gm Mkt: S A Herbal Bioactives LLP

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