It is that part of the year, where festivities are in full swing and would continue till year end. The Durga puja celebrations just ended and we are all looking forward enthusiastically for Diwali, this week. Let us accept, the word celebration – however small brings in instant smiles, happiness and loads of gratitude in these tough pandemic days. With normalcy slowly being restored, it is natural to go a little overdrive with food, keep regular workouts on pause mode and bask in that delectable realm of sweets, and savouries.

Okay! This article is not about why you shouldn’t be eating but it is all about those little measures, one can follow even while having their dose of fun. The modern day mantra for ensuring sustainable healthy habits, lifestyle is to act a little pre-emptive, earn those brownie and stay super fit, even after binge eating, sans any workouts.
Couple eating sweets

And how do we do that? Simple. Try these following this week and in the upcoming festive season for those desired results.

Drink Lots of Water:

One of the coolest things about water is its enormous role in curtailing weight gain. Water is a natural appetite suppressant, prevents unnecessary snacking. Guzzling down at least 8 glasses of water aids in burning calories, maintaining body weight, body mass index and body fat. Several studies reveal that drinking moderately cold water triggers burning of calories, aiding in losing weight. However, make sure to drink only plain water and keep carbonated drinks, coffee, teas stirred in with extra sugars, packaged fruit juices at a bay.

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Eat Fibre Rich Foods:

Foods that are rich in dietary fibre play a pivotal role in maintaining gut health. It not only regulates bowel function, keeps diabetes under check but improves skin health by making you glow from within for the festive season. Consuming foods like whole grains, whole cereals, celery, carrots, citrus fruits, nuts trigger fat-burning capacity of the body but also flush out toxins, thus preventing the sudden outbreak of acne.

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Sleep Well:

Yes. Nothing serves as a good night’s sleep in maintaining weight and also get that glow. Going sleepless dulls down the metabolic activity, stimulates intense hunger pangs forcing you to consume high carb and calorie diet. So, for next few days get right amounts of sleep, go early to bed, catch up on that beauty nap. One quick tip to get sound sleep? Do not sleep in the day time and avoid eating starchy, salty, sugary foods.  

Keep Vitals Under Check:

Well, if you have chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction, festive season is all the more reason to be careful. While we don’t suggest you to stay away from sweets and savouries during festivities, it is certainly advisable to stay prepared. One quintessential way of doing it is to keep your vitals under check. If you are a diabetic, keep checking your morning and post-prandial levels of blood sugars to avoid surprises. Ditto with high blood pressure. Cut down on salts, check blood pressure randomly and stay away from stress, for joining Diwali celebrations in full swing.


Diwali calls for decluttering and tidying up the house is a form of workout. With many of us still working from home, the junk is all around and it is time of that year to do away with it. Do you know it is also a fun form of exercise? Clean the house, give away old but good clothing, rearrange interiors for that new look, donate for charity – these are feel good factors which uplift your mood for celebrations!