Have you been procrastinating and not working on your dream project? Partying all night with friends and family? There’s one important aspect of life that gets disturbed by these activities, and that's sleep.

Woman sleeping in front of the computer

More than 60% of Indians feel exercise is the prime factor affecting health and well-being more than sleep, reveals a survey that stressed the need for good sleep for better health.

The study, led by Philips India, found that 19% of Indian adults account overlying work hours with normal sleep time (shift work sleep disorder) as a key hurdle to sleep.

Evidence also shows that 32% feel that technology is a major sleep distractor. About 45% adults have tried meditation to set off and keep up good sleep, while 24% stated having tried specialized bedding.

Harish R, Head (Sleep and Respirator Care) at Philips, claimed that sleep disorder is a more serious problem than what most people realize, especially given their direct correlation with other severe problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke etc.

 In a country where snoring is traditionally related to sound sleep, it is really challenging to make people alert that it is a sign of a serious sleep disorder, added the researcher.

The outcome will provide a way to raise awareness and come up with new interventions to ensure a vital but often ignored aspect of health and wellbeing.

The finding was based on Philips annual global survey conducted with over 15,000 adults around 13 countries- India, the US, the UK, Germany, Poland, France, China, Australia, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Japan.