Wholesome flours have huge health benefits and each kernel is loaded with wallop of nutrients providing you with the goodness of health, helping in combating diseases and in achieving health goals.

There are several types of flours available in the market and each one of it has its own different perks offering great health benefits.

Wheat, buns and breads

Wheat Flours

Wheat flours used in the traditional Indian recipes are picked from semi-hard wheat varieties or durum. These are readily available, versatile, energy packed, tasty and healthy. Atta, broken wheat, and semolina Sooji are all abundant in fibre and a source of good carbs and healthy fats.

These flours have a broad spectrum of health benefits from lowering cholesterol, stabilizing the blood sugars and to controlling the blood pressure. Maida the refined by-products of wheat flour are not so healthy which is termed as bad carbs add up the empty calories.

However, all wheat flours have gluten, those who are sensitive to gluten should go for other options.

Millet Flours

Millet is the gluten-free saviour and in the recent years, it has become a staple diet among the weight watchers.

Foxtail millet, finger millet, pearl millet, Kodo, and little millet are varied millet flours that are available and as a traditional cereal used widely in porridges, snacks and other breakfast recipes.

Millets contain six times more fibre than wheat, making it ideal for weight loss, keeping you satiated for a longer time. Heaped with essentials nutrients and antioxidants millets provide you with bountiful of benefits including-good for heart and in managing blood sugar spikes.

Amarnath Flour

Amaranth grains are high protein grains, thanks to profusely loaded essential vitamins and minerals. Often referred as the super food Amaranth flour provides cure for several ailments. Rich nutrient profile of Amaranth promotes digestion, lowers cholesterol, strengthens the hair, helps in weight loss and perfect food for improving the bone health.


Soybeans are ground to make a protein-rich soy flour that is blended with other flours such as wheat, rice, millets to make power packed dishes.

It is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, isoflavones and one of the richest source of plant omega 3 fatty acids. Soy flour helps in lowering cholesterol, controlling blood sugars and good for women with pre-menstrual syndrome and elderly.


Quinoa is a gluten-free grain and a superior carbohydrate. It is termed as a super food as it is a complete protein that contains all the 9 essential amino acids, than any other grains and packed with iron and potassium. It is best grain for all health-conscious individuals, and those who want to lose weight.