For many of us, making resolutions regarding workouts and setting up fitness goals – well, is a sort of habit and no thanks to pandemic, all those plans were put on a backburner in the last year-and-half. The COVID-19 pandemic which suddenly came knocking at the door in March 2020 and subsequent lockdown threw normal life out of gear, making us confine to just indoors.

One of the chief concerns every one of us is currently encountering is excessive weight gain, loss of fitness and the complications associated with it. Lack of exercise, unmindful eating, sitting for longer hours will leave an adverse impact both on physical and mental wellbeing. With vaccination against COVID-19 going on in full swing and normal life limping back to normalcy, to a certain extent (not to forget the warnings of impending third wave), it’s time to pull up socks and put focus back on health.

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Two women after their workouts

Regular workouts, however small – be it yoga indoors, cycling, running or jogging for 10 minutes within your apartment complex or even a jaywalk, can make you happy and active for rest of the day.

If you are still yawning at the idea of getting back to workouts, then this article is for you. Learn how to get back into the groove, kickstart your fitness journey, stay motivated all along for reaching your fitness goals and achieve that pre COVID-19 look.

Set Simple Goals:

Take one step at a time. Remember, that the danger of COVID-19 is still lurking around, and one should be mindful of wearing mask, hand sanitizing and maintaining social distance even while working out. Go for realistic goals like walking for 20 to 30 daily for 5 days a week, doing stretching exercises or yoga for 10 minutes daily, meditation after office hours for mental wellbeing or cycling for 10 minutes daily. Remember, it is all about habit. Increase the time gradually, to witness better results.

Stick To Schedule:

Make it a point getting on to a schedule however busy you are. Plan your day accordingly, do not give space for excuses for reaching fitness goals at a faster pace. To start with, avoid elevator to take stairs, go for small breaks between meetings (even if you are working from home), stretch, walk in your living room, drink lots of water, attend phone calls or meeting while standing. Doctors recommend at least 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity or 150 minutes of moderate workouts, weekly to stay fit.

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Incorporate Fun:

Well, we understand that it is hard to get going overnight but how about indulging in some fun activities even as you do that? There are a plenty of online dance classes available, join one of those. If your community rules permit, get together with small group of friends for a combined yoga session, brisk walk for 10 minutes, play vigorous sports like volleyball, football twice a week or go cycling in groups daily.

Get Enough Rest:

Yes. While it is extremely important sticking to the schedule ensure getting enough rest between workouts. Practice mindful eating, sleep for 8 hours, stay stress free to trigger metabolic activity for faster results. Hydration plays a crucial role in keeping you active throughout the day. Ample amounts of sleep regulate body and hormone functioning, thus help you in preventing or maintaining chronic conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes.

Gift Yourself:

Okay. If you have achieved all the above in last two weeks, it’s time to reward yourself. The pandemic as such has been quite stressful and it’s time to reward yourself. Indulge in cheat meal, treat yourself to some good quality running shoes (you need it!) or go for a weekend getaway. Yeah! Only with all COVID-19 protocols in place.