Social media has certainly occupied an important place in every single person’s life these days, particularly over the last decade. While it is a boon for entrepreneurs looking to launch new and unique businesses, apparel and jewelry designers to unleash their creativity and expand their clientele and for pretty much people of all ages to share something fun and memorable from their lives, social media, much like every other aspect of technology, is also a bane that comes with its own share of drawbacks.

The latest craze trending on the social media platform tik tok is called the Skull Breaker Challenge, otherwise known as Tripping Jump Challenge. And similar to previous weird "games" or "contests" such as the blue whale challenge or Kiki challenge, the skull breaker challenge, which has gone viral, is both absurd and extremely dangerous.

What Is Skull Breaker Challenge?

The skull breaker challenge involves three people standing beside each other. First, the two people on either side jump in unison, then the person in the middle jumps. While this may sound completely normal, what's alarming is that while the third person is off the ground, the two people on either side, kick them in the lower leg calf muscles or shins, causing them to trip and fall flat on their backs.

The scary part is the people posting videos of "successfully completing" the skull breaker challenge are entirely unaware of the severe injury it causes to the head of the person in the middle, who is being tripped while midway through a jump.

Much like any other social media trend which involves performing something risky in order to look cool, daring and seek attention from their numerous followers on the platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok, the skull breaker challenge, too, is being demonstrated mostly by children, teenagers and young adults. Moreover, such impulsive youngsters often tend to throw caution to the wind and carry out such stunts with no safety precautions.

Parents and teachers must advise their children and students not to attempt such risks, which could scar the functioning of their brains for life.
Skull breaker

Read on, to gain more insight into the dangers of performing the currently trending skull breaker challenge and why it makes much more sense to just skip doing this viral, but highly risky maneuver.

5 Reasons Not To Perform The Skull Breaker Challenge

Loss Of Consciousness

Since the person in the middle is often caught in surprise by being tripped by the two people on either side, they tend to have a ride shock while hitting the ground hard on their backs. This could lead to severe dizziness or vertigo, concussions, loss of consciousness sometimes for a prolonged period of time and even a temporary blackout. Also Read: Concussion: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Injures The Skull

The skull is the protective bony layer in the head that encompasses the brain - one of the most crucial organs in the human body. Falling on the ground suddenly with an immense impact wounds the hardened skull, causing further complications and leaving the more sensitive brain exposed to external forces.

Damages Nerve Function

Neurons are the specialised nerve cells in the brain that transmit vital information from one organ in the body to another via the brain’s intricate signaling system. The connective nerve cells and tissues undergo serious destruction when a person falls harshly on the ground and hurts their head, thereby leading to internal bleeding and in some cases, even permanent nerve impairment.

Deteriorates Spinal Cord

The spinal cord provides structure to the skeletal system, lining the back of the body and begins at the base of the neck, where occipital nerves are located. Hurting oneself badly by falling flat on the back invariably results in injury to the occipital nerves as well as the other bones and nerves in the spine, resulting in chronic debilitating conditions like serious head, neck, spinal cord injury or in some cases even paralysis. Also Read: Spinal Cord Injury Day 2019: 5 Common Myths Debunked

Could Be Fatal

Although this viral trend of the skull breaker challenge started in a high school in Venezuela, the video has been shared countless times across the globe, with many young people enthusiastic to attempt it. However, certain people who have been seriously injured after performing this stunt, are currently facing grave repercussions to brain function, memory and nervous system activity. The skull breaker challenge might even lead to death, with health officials worldwide conveying serious warnings and even imposing legal fines and punishments for those attempting it.