The extensive festival season of Christmas, New Year, Sankranti and Pongal has finally come to an end. And most of you have certainly put on a few kilos, what with all the parties and sumptuous traditional feasts, conveniently calling it "holiday weight."

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Now comes the ultimate challenge of losing all that extra body weight. Of course, following a balanced diet with adequate hydration is key to maintaining optimal body mass and averting chronic lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes.

But what is equally important is regular physical activity. Naturally what comes to mind are your new year resolutions, foremost among which was joining a gym. However, due to hectic work schedules, personal commitments and well, sheer laziness, you find yourself postponing enrolling in a fitness centre and invariably going back to your sedentary lifestyle, blaming it on "not having enough time."

best home workout ideas

Fret not, for we bring you some simple yet very effective workouts, that you can do at the convenience of your own home and on your own time. Just remember to stay motivated and exercise every day, to shed all that surplus fat and attain a slim, trim physique, much to the envy of your friends and family!

Top 5 Home Workout Ideas:

Jump Rope

As a kid, you would have definitely experienced that adrenaline rush jumping rope with your close childhood friend or sibling. This leisure activity is, in fact, a great cardio routine for adults too, that vastly improves blood circulation and strengthens heart muscles.

Crossrope exercises or just good old skipping for 10 to 15 minutes a day in your house will help reduce excess body fat.

Tabata Training

This 4-minute magical work out – a type of HIIT is something that everyone from novices to fitness experts and enthusiasts can easily do at home. It comprises elaborate bending and stretching moves that will greatly fortify muscles in the torso, thighs and hips.

All you need are 4 minutes and a determined mindset. The Tabata training regime will significantly enhance your core muscles and increase body flexibility. Also Read: Tabata Training: 5 Effective Exercises To Burn Extra Calories


Yoga is an ancient Indian practice of physical exercise, which comprises elaborate steps to achieve better balance and improved athletic performance. It describes many different “asanas” or body postures, involving twisting, reclining and standing poses, which foster elevated energy and vitality.

Place a comfortable mat on the floor in your living room or even your verandah and perform yoga asanas every day for at least 30 minutes, to accelerate weight loss and flaunt a toned physique.


Meditation is a basic yet very powerful technique to attain equanimity or a focused, poised state of mind. It enriches the mental state, by promoting emotional stability, encouraging positive thoughts, lowering stress levels and improving memory, concentration, which in turn assist in weight loss.

Find a quiet corner in your own abode and sit in an erect position, with legs crossed and arms on knees or joined at the stomach and fix your attention on calming the mind, eliminating all distractions and negativity. Do this daily for 15 to 20 minutes to augment mental wellbeing. Also Read: Modern Meditation Techniques For Mental And Emotional Well-Being


Music is known to heighten the productivity of any exercise regime. Aerobic exercises consist of fundamental hand and leg movements that expand the biceps, triceps as well as shoulder and neck muscles, besides curving the waist and hips where stubborn belly fat tends to accumulate. These amplify oxygen supply to the principal muscles, building lean muscle mass and preventing injuries.

Play your favourite tunes and sync them with aerobic motions and sequences, to regulate sleep cycles, bolster immunity and lose that extra body weight.


Losing bodyweight might seem like a herculean task for many, but by consuming a wholesome, nourishing diet, along with exercising for at least 30 minutes every day, it can be easily achieved.

With an optimistic frame of mind, put in that extra effort, by steering clear of junk food and a lethargic routine and adopting a more active lifestyle, to attain a slimmer, healthier version of yourself.