We get it if that headline is intriguing! Tamarind for skin? Before you jump and judge to a conclusion may we request you to scroll down further and read to discover the beauty benefits of this quintessential kitchen ingredient.

Well, none of us can deny the wonderful childhood memories of sucking onto a pod of imli by adding some pepper and salt onto it. A bit sour and a bit sweet, the mere mention of tamarind is enough to make us drool. It is an integral part of many savoury dishes, curries, jellies, candies and sauces. Being rich in antioxidants, Tamarind is extremely beneficial for heart health, diminishing bad cholesterol, uplifting bone health and improving liver functioning and much more! But did you know it can be the heart and soul of your skincare routine as well?

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Well, apart from the tangy flavour, Tamarind is a highly effectual remedy for all your skincare woes! If you are someone who is a DIY expert and are keen on trying new and natural ingredients on your skin, then trust us when we say Tamarind can be your knight in shining armour for achieving spotless, glowing skin.

Want To Know How Tamarind Benefits The Skin?

Tamarind has a plethora of beauty benefits as it is abundant in numerous nutrients. To name a few eye-catching ones; it has AHAs, catechin, citric acid, and vitamins A and C. Thanks to the goodness of antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing traits, tamarind is the absolute remedy for brightening skin complexion, scourging facial pores, exfoliating dead skin cells, reverting the signs of ageing, diminishing under-eye puffiness, treating acne, healing wounds and even diminishing pigmentation and other blemishes to give way to smooth and radiant skin.

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So next time, when you use tamarind for cooking, keep aside two to three tablespoons of its zest, and you are all set to woo everyone with your dewy, spotless complexion.

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