Tips and tricks have always garnered oodles of attention from most of us and thanks to modern technology, various social media platforms have been flooded with the latest DIYs, beauty secrets and clever uses for beauty products. One such underrated beauty essential that has many uses is talcum powder.

Gone are the days, when talcum powder used to be a beauty staple and had a designated space on every woman’s dresser. Be it for enhancing complexion or soaking sweat to give a dry, light feel, it used to top the list of essential beauty products one ordered every month. Before the dominance of deodorants, colognes or Eau de parfum, talcum powders used to be the ultimate smell sensations.

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Talking Talc

Be it summer or monsoon, the benefits of the fragrant, smooth talc go far beyond merely absorbing sweat and making you smell fresh.

Well, if you are wondering why you should restock this old-school product, find out some of its other amazing uses.

Surprising Uses Of Talc

1. Prevents Chafing

Prevents Chafing

Ouch! Whether it's the sweltering summers or you are just about to exercise, chafing can cause extreme pain and damage the skin when the inner thighs rub against each other. Applying some talc on your thighs not only keeps the skin smooth and friction-free but also diminishes the risk of sores.

2. Thickens Eyelashes

Thickens Eyelashes

Dusting some talcum powder on the eyelashes before highlighting them with mascara gives a primer-like effect, making them look thick and long.

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3. Freshens Up The Wardrobe

Freshens Up The Wardrobe

Thanks to the moisture-removing properties of talcum powder, you can now remove the soggy, musty smell from your wardrobe, simply by keeping a bowl of perfumed talcum powder inside. You can even dust some powder on the carpet to remove the stench of pets or the smell of cigarettes from your interiors.

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4. Helps In Making Dry Shampoo

Making Dry Shampoo

Talcum powder works best as a dry shampoo ingredient owing to its incredible sweat-absorbing qualities. Just dab some powder evenly onto the roots of the hair and brush off to remove the excess. And you’re ready to slay the world with your gorgeous and stylish mane.

5. Cools The Sheets

Cools The Sheets

On hot summer afternoons or just before hitting the bed at night, try sprinkling some talcum powder onto the sheets. The powder, when dusted on the bed, absorbs the sweat from the body all through the night giving you a dry, cool sensation. This technique works best with mentholated powders.