With the lockdown easing out in some places due to a dip in the number of active coronavirus cases, people are slowly resuming to regular work. But have you noticed that going out during the daytime and exposing yourself to hot, humid air often makes your skin extra dry and itchy! You might have tried putting on some lotion but still found yourself itching vigorously with the formation of red, inflamed, swollen patches all over your body. Well, this sudden allergic reaction to the sun and hot breeze after months of staying indoors is nothing but Summer Hives.

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Hives Urticaria
What is Hives?

Hives as you might know is a type of skin condition that characterizes red, itchy, raised bumps on the skin and chiefly occurs due to an allergic reaction to certain medications, food, physical stimuli like insect bites, laundry detergents, alcohol, stress and even heat and cold. Summer Hives, medically termed as solar urticaria, occurs in people who are hypersensitive or extremely sensitive to sunlight, heat or sweat.

This extremely hot air and direct exposure to the sun affects the nerve fibres in the sweat glands, which then triggers the body to release histamines into the blood stream causing redness, itching, swelling and even certain anaphylactic reactions. The reaction is often similar to Polymorphus Light Eruption but unlike the latter, Solar urticaria only lasts for a few hours.

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In case, you have a chronic reaction to heat, it is suggested to visit a doctor right away but in case you have mild rashes and a bothersome itching, worry not, we got your back!

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We bring you a simple skin care regimen, which when followed religiously and in the correct sequence, will heal your rashes and attenuate swelling and inflammation in no time.
At home skin regimen for summer hives

At-Home Skin Regimen For Summer Hives

Step 1: Healing Rub

Aloe vera-Turmeric Pack


3 tbsp fresh aloe vera gel

2 drops of tea tree oil

Pinch of turmeric


Mix all the ingredients to make a smooth paste.

Apply a smooth layer all over the affected area.

Leave it on till it dries completely.

Wash off with lukewarm water.

How It Works:

The presence of active component curcumin shows potent anti-inflammatory properties that effectively treats not only summer hives but also psoriasis and eczema. While aloe vera gel moisturizes and soothes dry, irritated skin, tea tree oil prevents inflammation and itching.

Step 2: Soothing Bath

Epsom Salt-Witch Hazel Bath


2-3 cups of Epsom salt

10-20 drops of witch hazel essential oil

Luke warm water as required for bath


Fill water in the bath tub.

Pour the epsom salt and essential oil in it.

Stir it properly.

Lie down in the tub for 15-20 minutes and let the affected areas soak the medicated water.

Get up and use a warm towel to pat yourself dry.

How It Works:

Thanks to the host of anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of the bioactive agents; tannin and proanthocyanidin, witch hazel essential oil is an absolute remedy for attenuating swelling and redness in the affected areas. The addition of epsom salt in the bath water remedies itching and dryness while healing the skin in a short span of time. Take this epsom salt bath daily for faster results.

Step 3: Application Of Anti-Rash Lotion

Calamine-Cocoa Butter Lotion


1 tbsp sea salt

1 tbsp baking soda

1 tbsp bentonite clay

3 tbsp melted cocoa butter

5 drops of lavender essential oil

3 drops of mint essential oil

2 drops of ginger oil

2 drops of rosemary essential oil

1 cup of chamomile essential oil


Mix the baking soda, clay and salt together.

Slowly add the melted coca butter to the dry powder with continuous stirring.

Now add the essential oils to it.

Store it in an air-tight glass for future use.

Apply it to the affected areas right after the salt bath.

How It Works:

This homemade moisturizing calamine lotion is the ultimate remedy to treat summer hives right at home. The extensive anti-pruritic property of baking soda and bentonite clay not only relieves the annoying itching but also reduces swelling and redness. The blend of essential oils speeds up healing process and prevents bacterial infection and actively helps in formation of new skin cells, whereas cocoa butter soothes irritated skin and keeps it nourished and moisturized for a long time.