Strep throat is a bacterial infection causing pain and swelling of the throat. It mainly affects children between the age group of 5 and 15, caused due to a group of Streptococcus bacteria.

Girl with throat pain

Streptococcus is a highly contagious bacterium and can spread through airborne droplets. Strep throat infection gets transferred from one person to another through sneezing, coughing, direct or indirect contact with infected person, and sharing of personal items.

The infection is seasonal and the risk increases in winter and spring.

The symptoms vary person to person based on the severity of their condition. Most common symptoms include sudden high fever, a sore throat, white patches around the throat, throat rash, a headache, shivering, loss of appetite, loss of appetite, stomach ache, body ache, nausea, vomiting, swollen lymph nodes and difficulty in swallowing.

These symptoms may appear after 3-5 days of exposure to infection. To avoid complications, it is important to see a doctor soon after signs and symptoms become visible.


The treatment options may include antibiotics like penicillin and amoxicillin. To get rid of infection properly, and it is important to finish the course of treatment.  Home care remedies and taking precautions can minimize the risk of strep throat infections.