Stevia rebaudiana, better known as Stevia leaves, are extracted from a humble shrub-like plant that belongs to the sunflower family. Also called the sweet herb of Paraguay, honey leaf, sugar leaf, or sweet leaf, the leaves of this herb are a natural source of sweetener with zero calories. Native to South America for hundreds of years, due to its extremely sweet leaves, Stevia has received its fame for being a sweetener that is twenty times sweeter than any sugar and does not affect blood sugar levels as well. Isn’t that amazing? Steviol glycosides-mainly stevioside and rebaudioside, are the active compounds responsible for the sweetness of this herb. With no negative side effects on the body, this magic herb is truly miraculous for people suffering from diabetes. The rich nutrient profile of stevia leaves has a positive effect on metabolism and offers a ton of health incentives and a lot of people are using stevia extracts as a healthy alternative for regular sugar for their beverages, baking, and to make guilt-free desserts.

Skin Benefiting Properties Of Stevia Leaves

The merits of stevia are more than many. Not just from the inside, stevia can also benefit you from the outside by boosting healthy skin and pearlier teeth. The aqueous extract of stevia is excellent for skin regimen. Skin conditions such as dermatitis
 and eczema can cause a great deal of trouble. At times, it causes flaking of dry skin or sometimes redness and inflammation might also occur. The antibacterial properties of stevia extracts are valuable for treating these skin conditions. Aqueous extract present in stevia inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause inflammation of the sebaceous glands and the formation of acne. Moreover, this herb has been used to halt the signs of ageing and reduce the appearance of fine lines that help protect cells from free radicals thanks to its antioxidant properties.

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One of the amazing characteristics of stevia leaf is being a tooth-friendly herb. Since it is not a sugar derivative, but a leafy plant extraction, it will not produce acids when it comes into contact with those pearly whites which happens in the case of other sugar-derived ingredients. This discourages the growth of those harmful bacteria that can cause painful dental cavities and enamel erosions. This certainly makes stevia an ideal ingredient in toothpaste.

Thus, say bye-bye to wrinkles, nourish your entire body with this wonder herb and enhance a wholesome glow right from top to toe!

Foray into the infographic for the miracles that Stevia can do to your skin.
Stevia Leaves For Skin Beauty