The big fat Indian wedding season is back and getting married in cramped function halls is a passé for the young couples.

Couple wedding photoshoot

With younger generation sparing no expenses to walk down that extra mile on the aisle, destination weddings are catching the fancy of one and all.

Be it by the beautiful seashore or by splendid forts, weddings are not just about sumptuous food, decoration, rituals, family and friends, it is also about ‘right looks’ that would go with the background of the venue.

Beauty experts believe that make-up should concur with the destination and it should be done keeping in various environmental factors like humidity, mist, sweat in mind; not to forget the emotions. Thanks to high-definition cameras, every little detail gets captured and it is imperative to get an absolutely flawless makeup.

If you are bride or a bridesmaid or an important guest gearing up for a destination wedding, here is the guide to your to-do makeup list:

Beach Wedding:


  1. Use mild products with an SPF range of 10 to 15, opt for water-based skin care products and gel-based moisturizers.
  2. Go for matt finish look, foundation should be lightweight foundation.
  3. Colour your lips in pastel. Pink, Coral, Nude shades are the in-thing.
  4. Ditch heavy eye-make up. Go with water proof eye-liner and draw a winged liner with mascara.
  5. In case of tan, pamper skin with aloe vera gel and do not forget to keep a sponge in handy to keep wipe those sweaty beads, periodically. 


  1. Go for hair style that will not leave you messy in the sea breeze.
  2.  Tight curls, fish tail braids are a strongly recommended look, this season.
  3.  Ensure good hair conditioning and spa treatment few days in advance to the wedding.
  4.  Do not go out in the sun to avoid your hair becoming frizzy. No to spraying too, this makes hair sticky.
  5.  In case of wearing flowers, go for the varieties that wouldn’t wither so easily and has a longer fresh, shelf life.

Palace or Fort Weddings:


  1. Go for heavy make-up to match with the décor. Use ample amounts of moisturizer.
  2. Opt for a mineralized blush to highlight upper cheek bones.
  3. For lips, choose bold colours like red, play plum for bright, volume filled look.
  4. Play around with eyes for a bolder look in copper, bronze, metallic shades.
  5. Do not forget to lock the make-up to avoid smudging. 


  1. Go for centrally parted and neatly braided look.
  2. Choose hair accessories that would go with the heavy attire.
  3. Ensure clean, sticky free hair. Do not let sweat in the hair ruin your day.
  4. A neat up-do look or a low bun is one to go for the brides.
  5. Pre-bridal hair spa is strongly recommended. Go for trial hairstyle and ensure the chosen look on the wedding day.