For the longest time, the romantic tear-jerking Korean dramas have swept us off our feet and we got hooked on to them like how. Well, there is a lot more that has been brought to the table from this land of vibrant cultural legacy, art, dance, culture, and of course the famous Korean barbecue. The K-beauty trend called the glass skin trend that took the world by storm is nothing but a smooth, dewy, glass-like complexion from Korea that makes many heads turn. A popular K-beauty craze, glass skin is a regimen of clear and translucent skin which looks smooth and shiny as the surface of the glass that is reflecting light. It is a ten-step rigorous routine along with a healthy diet for radiant skin and made ample commotion in the beauty realm. Indeed, a fabulous solution to get a glow from within, this ten-point routine is followed by many people across the globe.

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We all are on the lookout for luminous skin. The fact is that it does remain a dream for many. No matter how much hard the effort is, unless a proper diet that is dense in essential nutrients and a devoted skincare regime is followed, getting healthy skin is a farfetched dream.

Staying hydrated, eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, besides proper sleep is a must. If you are doing all this to a T, try the following steps to get glass skin inside the comfort of your home.

#1: Oil Dirt Cleansing

Wash your face with an oil-based cleanser. Korean glass skin routine emphasizes double cleansing to clear impurities on the face before proceeding further.

#2: Water Dirt Cleansing

Repeat face washing with a foam-based cleanser to remove leftover dirt. Foam cleanser digs deep into the pores to remove water-based impurities.

#3: Exfoliation

Apply scrub to exfoliate your skin by removing excess dead skin cells from the skin. Exfoliation is a vital skincare routine to attain a glass-like glow.

#4: Toning

Apply an alcohol-free toner to help reset the skin’s pH balance. Let the toner dry so your skin can effectively soak up other ingredients.

#5: Using Essence

An essence is a lightweight water-based product that adds moisture to the skin. Essence targets wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tones. And strengthens the skin’s defense system.

#6: Serum Application

Smear face serum and massage the face gently. The powerful antioxidant properties of serum prevent free-radical damage, making your skin younger looking and radiant.

#7: Moisturizing

Layer the skin with a moisturizer. It will lock in hydration deep into the skin-quenching skin's thirst throughout the day.

#8: Sheet Mask Rejuvenation

Sheet masks are important because they increase skin elasticity and enhance skin cell regeneration, minimizing the appearance of scars and dark spots.

#9: Applying Under Eye Cream

Delicate skin beneath the eyes needs to be tended to with an under-eye cream to avoid dark circles.

#10: Sunscreen Or Night Moisturizer

A non-negotiable step in any skincare regime is sunscreen during the day and night cream at night. Sunscreen will protect the skin from UV rays and night cream will seal hydration at night.

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While these skin products will certainly benefit the skin, do we know that many ingredients have been used in our country by our grannies? And they are equally amazing! To know how to use them, foray into this infographic, now that just like everyone else, you are also looking to get the glass skin.

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