April 28 is observed as World Day for Safety and Health at Work, to promote a safe working environment and health in the workplace. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) celebrates this day to respect and remember those who have died from an injury related to work or at the workplace.

stay healthy at the workplace

While there are several jobs that could be dangerous like those of firefighters and construction site workers, even people with regular 9-5 desk jobs also face health risks these days. Just spending 8-10 hours in a chair, in front of a computer, five days a week can take a toll on you and your health. Follow these simple tips to stay healthy at work because being safe and healthy is your full-time job.

1. Walk & Talk 

Studies have suggested that walking makes a person more creative. Take a walk during the break with your peer, after the walk you return to work feeling more refreshed physically and mentally. 

2. Correct Posture 

If you work at a desk keep your shoulders in line with your hips to avoid back aches. If you’re picking things up, use correct form so your back doesn’t get hurt. 

3. Stretch & relax 

Stretch in your chair, point, and flex your toes, do wrist circles, stretch your neck side to side, move your shoulders forward & backwards. Just a minute of these stretches helps you release some tension. 

4. Snack attack 

Set a healthy snack policy among colleagues and always select healthier food options at the cafeteria. 

5. Take short breaks 

A short break out of the chair, a few minutes to stand out refreshing with a cup of hot beverage and take a deep breath this helps you to relax, feel fresher and alert. 

6. Use Proper Safety Accessories 

Depending on the work you do use proper safety equipment for a task. Some of the common types of equipment like earplugs, ear muffs, hard hats, safety goggles, gloves, or a full-mask greatly reduce the risk of workplace injury. 

7. Reduce Workplace stress


The most common causes of stress are long hours of work, overload of work, job insecurity and conflicts. These can lead to despair, lack of concentration and sleeping difficulties. Enhance healthy lifestyle and create a stress -free atmosphere in the workplace.