Among all the cancers, breast cancer is one of the leading cancers among women today, in the developed as well as the less developed countries. Breast cancer is the topmost cancer among women worldwide and is increasing each day. Global health estimation shows that more than 5,00,000 women are affected with breast cancer each year and more than 1,00,000 women die from the disease. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, women do not recognize the symptoms of breast cancer in the early stages and therefore breast cancer is diagnosed in the last stages, when the woman either loses her breasts or her life because of this deadly disease.

The only solution for this raging disease is to create more and more awareness regarding breast cancer, the early signs and symptoms and the possible preventive measures to be followed. Awareness about breast cancer can limit or bring down the mortality rates and awareness through campaigns is the best way to communicate to people present far and wide. Many campaigns have been carried out to spread awareness about breast cancer. One such campaign is "know your lemons".



"Know your lemons" is the latest campaign from the Worldwide Breast Cancer that aims to help women check for a bad seed. It is a self-explanatory, simple, clear and an inspiring campaign which provide information about the early signs of breast cancer to all the women, young and old. This is a campaign to reach out to women all over the world to educate them about the early signs of breast cancer in the most simple and best way possible.

This campaign is from the Worldwide Breast Cancer which is a charity based organization. It uses the power of design to create images in order to educate, empower and speak in a way that goes beyond words. While textual messages can help in promoting the campaign, an image is always powerful and people relate to visual content more than any other means. This campaign has portrayed visuals to tackle breast cancer to overcome the barrier of low literacy, taboo and fear in the world.

The use of lemons in the campaign is to connect to the people in the closest way possible, as lemons show similar changes just like that of a woman's breast during breast cancer. This campaign has come up with 4 interesting images which can clear all your doubts about breast cancer and you can be aware of the early symptoms too. "Know your lemons" campaign explains about the physical characteristics of breast cancer to create awareness in women to consult the doctor as soon as they find any changes in their breasts. The word "normal" may vary from one woman to another as each individual has different breasts, be it size, shape or the color. Even before knowing the early signs of breast cancer it is important for a woman to know how her breasts feel and look like. It is necessary to understand that every individual's "normal" varies and therefore, sit down and feel around. This campaign will give a clear idea about what to worry and what to not worry for.


This image is now viral on the social media. If you haven't checked it out, read this article to know the 12 signs of breast cancer.


The image describes the early symptoms of breast cancer and it has been presented in a very simple, clear and a visually attractive manner. The image shows the possible 12 signs of breast cancer. Starting from a slight change in the skin to a lump or leaky fluid, breast cancer can manifest in various ways right from the beginning. According to the campaign, any slightest change observed in the breasts could be a silent signal of breast cancer which may require immediate medical intervention.

When life gives you lemons, detect breast cancer at an early stage. The image shows 12 disfigured lemons in an egg carton and each symbolizing a different sign of breast cancer.

Thick mass

When you feel a thick mass on one or both of your breasts which does not move, then it's a concern. If the thick mass is moving then it is just the presence of fat or nerves and you do not have to worry.


When you find a depression in any of the breasts it could be an early sign of breast cancer which should be reported to the doctor.

Skin sores

When your skin becomes sore and stays for a long period of time then it is a matter of concern. Most of the time, during menstruation, women feel soreness in the breasts which is quite normal. But, if the soreness continues even after ovulation, you will have to consult the doctor.

Redness or heat

Your breasts may suddenly turn slightly red and you may feel heat develop in your breasts, this could also be a silent signal of breast cancer.

Unusual or new fluid

Unusual fluid, for lactating women is normal. For women who are not pregnant, yet they find the release of milk, the only reason could be that the women's prolactin levels are high. In some cases, during menstruation, women observe some kind of fluid which is also normal. The issue is to be immediately addressed when the unusual fluid is pus. You should inform the doctor immediately.


Dimpling is a slight puckering of the skin and this can be one of the signs of breast cancer. Dimpled skin is a common sign of inflammatory breast cancer.


A bump in the breast that feels quite different from the usual tissues in the breast is a matter to look into and may need to be informed to a doctor. These small and silent signs can cause serious problems in the near future.

Growing vein

A growing vein usually develops in a lactating woman. It is a common sign in breastfeeding mothers. But if you observe a growing vein even before you get pregnant, then you should inform the doctor at the earliest.

Retracted nipple

Many women have retracted nipples. Retracted nipple is nothing but inverted nipples. The nipple instead of pointing outwards is retracted into the breasts. This is considered as normal in some women. But, if this change is observed suddenly, then it might be an early sign of breast cancer and is important to seek medical attention.

New shape/size

Many women have different breast sizes. For some women, the right breast may be larger than the left or vice versa. You do not have to worry if one of your breasts is bigger than the other. This may be because one of the breasts may have denser tissue than the other. But, if you observe a change in the shape and size over a period of time then it is a matter of concern. A change in the size and shape of the breasts may show a rapid growth of tissue in the breasts indicating the presence of a tumor.

Orange peel skin

Sometimes women observe a change in their breasts similar to that of an orange skin peel. If you observe the same, take it as a sign of breast cancer. A few other symptoms include swelling, heaviness, tenderness etc.

Hidden lump

Most of the time women may not identify the formation of a lump in their breasts as it may be hidden somewhere in the tissues of the breasts. If you find an immobile lump while self examining your breasts, immediately consult a doctor. A mammogram may confirm the presence of a tumor in the breasts.

These are the 12 early signs of breast cancer. If you feel or observe any of these signs, or if you observe a sudden change in your breasts, do not hesitate or shy away, immediately consult a doctor. Do not delay in getting medical attention as this early sign can prevent further damage to your body. At the same time do not panic as most of the time, the tumor is reported to be benign. It is good to be safe and to prevent the formation of cancer in your breasts. It is always better to be aware and swift to diagnose and treat the changes in your body.

Stay safe and protected and keep breast cancer away.