On January 26, 1950, Indian Constitution came into effect and replaced the Government of India Act 1935 as the governing document of India. With this enactment, our nation became a republic breaking away from the shackles of the British Raj.  

This date established India as a union of states and a democratic republic and promised its citizens the freedom to select their government. India's Constitution is considered the world's longest and most comprehensive, and Republic Day celebrations are held across the country with flag-hoisting ceremonies and marches by our brave armed forces.
Republic day 2023

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Our Constitution ensures fundamental rights and has urged us to fulfill our duties to the mother country. So, as India celebrates its 74th Republic Day this year, let us remind ourselves that a healthy you mean a healthy nation.  

India is a fast-developing nation, and as its citizens, we pledge to make India a health-conscious country by incorporating healthy practices and habits into our lives. Therefore, saluting the spirit of independent India while paying tribute to the Indian armed forces, on this republic day, why not do our bit and constitute our lives with the greatness of good health and beauty of well-being?

Here are 5 health and wellness practices you can contribute towards making India a nation with super-fit citizens.

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Get Vaccinated

Vaccines teach your immune system how to make antibodies, ward off health problems and help itself defend against harmful viruses or bacteria to prevent the spread of fatal diseases. With an outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus, a highly contagious disease caused by a coronavirus, the importance of vaccines cannot be reiterated enough. We must get our vaccines done to eliminate many conditions that may attack our system in the absence of non-administration of these vaccines. 

Want to know more about various types of vaccines and how they work? Checkout the link below:

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Ensure Annual Health Check Up

We often only consider going for health check-ups if some pain or visible symptoms are noticeable. However, while it may appear unnecessary, a bi-annual or at least an annual health check-up is a must for overall well-being. Not only will it warn you and keep you aware of any unforeseen health issue at the outset, but it will also keep you prepared for all the precautions and necessary arrangements that must be made to get a remedial solution at the earliest. 

What are the must-have diagnostic tests? Click the link below:

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Spend Quality Time

Stress is one of the biggest causes of ailments that drastically affect our health. While it is essential to allocate a certain number of hours to work and towards earning a living or fulfilling a passion, we must also create an equilibrium between our work and leisure time. If you have been ignoring your loved ones in the past, you must promise to take time out and spend quality time with them. To get the fuel for our happy hormones, smile, eat, stay happy, and travel with your loved ones. This will help you stay stress-free.

We are in the first month of 2023, and there is always time to make resolutions. To learn how to live stress-free, check out the link below:

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Cut Down On Junk

Lack of time, extended work hours, and intermittent schedules; are all these factors that contribute to unhealthy eating practices and munching on whatever is available at odd hours. In today's times, one of the most significant changes we can incorporate in our lives is cutting down on junk meals. Eat less fried foods and junk, and switch to healthy salads and fresh fruits. If your hunger pangs keep troubling you, instead of gorging on chips and biscuits, keep nuts handy and munch on a handful of assorted nuts whenever you feel hungry.

Want healthy alternatives to junk food? Here it is:

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Get Your Nutrition Right

Eating three, four, or even five meals a day does not guarantee a wholesome diet with all nutrients in place and may not fulfill your body's nutritional needs, which vary for every individual. A nutrient-deficient body is a host to severe illnesses. There is ample information about diet regimes that emphasize the type of nutrition required to keep the bodily system up and to run. Follow a good and active lifestyle regimen backed by restful sleep and if needed, take advice from a nutrition expert that will go a long way. The bottom line is to eat well and eat what is required to maintain an excellent physical and mental state.

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