They may hog attention from your parents or steal your prized possessions while growing up, but there is no doubt that sibling become our best friends and are a blessing for a lifetime!

Happy Raksha Bandhan

Meaning of Raksha Bandhan

The term Raksha Bandhan is made up of two words, namely ‘Raksha’ and ‘Bandhan.’ As per the Sanskrit terminology, the term ‘Raksha’ signifies ‘protection’ and ‘Bandhan’ implies ‘knot or relation’, thus the festival means ‘the knot of protection.’ Although, traditionally the festival symbolizes the unique and eternal bond between brothers and sisters. But with evolving times, Raksha Bandhan is even celebrated with older sisters, friends, and other distant relatives, people with whom a person feels safe and protected.

History Of Raksha Bandhan

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is touted to have emerged centuries before and there are several folk tales related to the festival. As per Hindu mythology, in Mahabharata, the festival was established by Lord Shri Krishna when he wounded his finger on his Sudarshan chakra. Seeing this, the ever-kind Princess Draupadi ripped a piece of her saree and tied it around his finger to stop the blood from dribbling. Lord Krishan touched by this kind gesture of hers promised Draupadi lifetime protection by taking care of her from all harm, in all circumstances. As promised, during Draupadi's chirharan by Dushyasan Lord Krishna stood up for Draupadi and protected her from humiliation when the Kauravas attempted to shame and malign her dignity.

In modern times, this mythological tale evolved into the celebration of Raksha Bandhan, where sisters tie rakhi onto the wrists of their brothers who vow to protect her from all dangers.

Be it a brother or a sister, growing up with siblings has many perks that go beyond sharing things. Studies have proven that strong sibling bonds make us happier and healthier! According to a study conducted by the researchers at Brigham Young University, siblings boost mental health in ways that parents don’t. 

Growing up with a sister or brother contributes a lot to our physical and mental health, vice-versa and the positive effects on our life are unimaginable.

5 Perks Of A Strong Sibling Bond:

You Become Selfless: Having a sibling makes us selfless and develop empathy. Researchers believe that nurturing a healthy relationship with the sibling may promote altruism especially among the teenagers. Studies reveal that teens tend to rely more upon sibling affection to tide over various issues rather than seeking help from parents or therapists.

Improves Mental Health: Nurturing a strong bond with sibling helps in improving mental health. Many studies reveal that brothers and sisters stand by each other in tough times in ways that parent don’t. Having a sister protects brothers from issues related to adolescence, and protects against feelings of loneliness, guilt, self-consciousness and feeling unloved.

Promotes Happiness: A support system at home in the form of a loving sibling will make you feel happier, boost your morale, aid in growing into a mature individual and bring major benefits at a later stage in life.

Keeps You Fit: Your sister or brother can inspire you to be fit and fabulous. They can also caution you against bad eating habits and express genuine concern about health. According to a study, 43 per cent people believe that their fit-inspiration comes from their siblings and family and they leave a major impact on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Live Longer: A good relationship with your sister or brother not only boosts your mental and physical health but also aids in developing strong social ties to lead a long and happy life as siblings not only inspire us to take better care of ourselves but also provide us with support when we are sick or stressed.
Siblings celebrating Raksha Bandhan

Better Decision Making Skills

Forging strong social ties with siblings – be it a brother or sister, big or little, from a young age vastly enhances the abilities of rational thinking and logical reasoning. This in turn makes both the individual and their siblings sensible, helping them and each other take practical decisions, especially in challenging situations, family troubles, financial difficulties and ensures stability through middle and old age.

Cultivates Optimism And Gratitude

Not only does building a lasting and positive relationship with siblings augment physical fitness and mental wellness, but it also significantly promotes an optimistic way of approaching situations at home, work and life itself. Furthermore, going through various family situations together during childhood and adolescence fosters a genuine feeling of thankfulness towards brothers and sisters, for simply being there for each other during tough times.

So, the next time you get into a petty fight with your sibling, just let it go! wishes all its customers a Happy Raksha Bandhan!