Although your sister may constantly annoy you, compete with you for everything, always be ready for a verbal spat, eavesdrop around you for secrets or fight on trivial things, your sister is your lifelong best friend, and you simply cannot live without her. There is no denying that she was the best gift from your parents, one who occupies a very special place in your heart that is unchangeable. And what better way to shower your love for little sis or an elder one in that case than gifting her something special, this Raksha Bandhan?

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Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious festival that celebrates the extraordinary bond between brothers and sisters. Sisters tie rakhi to pray for the brother’s health and well-being, while the brother vouches to protect his sister from any harm under any circumstance. And finally to sweeten the moment more, both exchange sweets and gifts with each other.

Gift Your Sister From The Wide Range Of Beauty Essentials Today!

Be it a brother or a sister, the unique bond between siblings goes beyond description and even sharing things. They are a part of your identity, your lifelong memory bank and someone who understands you more than your parents.

We get you, bro, being a guy who is alien to girly essentials, settling on a gift for your sister can be a true quest, more so when you need to fascinate her or bribe her into keeping all your secrets! Additionally, if your sis is a beauty hogger, selecting one from the huge range of beauty essentials can be an impossible feat. Well, don’t you worry. We got your back!

Pamper and shower your love to your adorable sister with this nicely curated list of beauty goodies. We promise she is bound to get pleased with the choice of gift you make!

Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious festival that celebrates the extraordinary bond between brothers and sisters.

Foray through this 2-minute read to find five incredible gifting options to delight your sister this Raksha Bandhan.

Raksha Bandhan Gifting Ideas To Spoil Your Sister

Make-Up Gift Sets


Make-up products are the ultimate bae for most gals out there, and your sister is not far from that crowd. If your sister loves to flaunt different looks now and then, look no further. From lip tints, lipsticks, nail polishes, eye shadow sets, blushers, highlighters and contours, just find out her preferred brand and you are all set for this year.

Beauty Appliances

beauty appliance

Well, who doesn't love to try out the latest hairstyle or products that help cut off a few years? A beautiful pack of natural grooming tools like straightener, curler, blow dryer, jade rollers, derma rollers, and facial cups can be a great gifting option to bestow her with salon-like smooth hair and gorgeous younger-looking skin.



Though, your sister might have a shelf full of perfumes and essences, an addition of yet another beautiful aroma can never do any harm. If your sister is a die-hard fan of wearing Eu de colognes or natural perfumes, just find the type of note she prefers and order it right away. We are sure she'd always have fond memories of you, whenever she puts it on.

Skin And Hair Care Combos

skin care

Unlike some, if your sister isn't much of make-up, and instead prefers skin and hair care essentials that will bequeath them with flawless dewy skin and sleek, plush hair naturally, a beauty box of skin and hair care goodies will energize her like no other. From body wash, body butters, sea salts, soap bombs, basic oils, lotions, and serums, just ensure you know her skin and hair type and surprise her on the special day.

Manicure/Pedicure Kits


Who doesn't love to unwind oneself from the routine stressful life? If you want to gift your sister a relaxing and soothing experience, a set of manicures or pedicure kits will truly bring a wide grin to her face. But if you want to pamper her a bit more, pair it up with hand and foot care products to give her the ultimate unwinding experience.