Cuddling up to your furry pet after a long workday is a wonderful thing. Isn't it?  As they jump around when you reach home, it gives a sense of joy to see the selfless love they shower upon you. But then, as much as we want our kids to be disciplined, we also want a well-behaved and easy-to-maintain pet. Easier said than done, most dogs are not perfect, neither they care to be. You can instruct your 2-year-old toddler to behave well, but if a pet refuses to budge, you are in for some trouble, especially if they are looking for attention. Not only will they ruin the house, but they may also risk their life by exploring the most unexpected ways to land into trouble.

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With a busy work schedule or long office hours, it is impossible to stay home with your furry friends all day. If you come home to see that the pet has been not very well-behaved while you were away, the tendency to scold them is natural.  However, this may not be the best thing to do. Unlike humans, they may or may not understand the reason for your anger or that you are upset with them. Moreover, when you have not witnessed the real cause of their nastiness, there may be chances they would have done it out of fear, your prolonged absence, or by accident.  Punishing them can make them aggressive or even gloomy.

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A sudden chaos created by your otherwise calm pet while you were not at home can be a sign of boredom, loneliness, pain, or some discomfort they may be going through.

Here are 5 most potentially life-threatening situations that are crucial to your pet’s safety and life:

Keep Electric Wires Out Of Reach

One of the common causes of puppy fatalities is an electrical cord bite injury. Electrocution from chewing on an electrical wire or a cable can result in mouth injuries or burns and even cause severe damage to the heart or the lungs. Make sure you have all the wires and cables covered and stowed at a safer distance even when you are at home. When you are out, keep ample chewing items near to their favorite sitting spaces.

Protect From Choking Hazards

A puppy will munch on anything and everything that comes it's way. It could be because of puppy teething or out of curiosity. If leaving them unattended, minimize the spaces where they will sit, or as a safety measure, remove every item that can cause choking, other than pet edible products or toys.

Do Not Leave Them Alone In Open Spaces

Dogs and cats are very inquisitive creatures, specifically when they are young. They do not fear venturing into unexplored spaces and can put themselves in danger if left unsupervised. They can slip through spaced railings or fall off balconies. It is important to create a barrier to between them and balconies and minimize the gap between railings. Also, always supervise small pets when they are near a water body. They may jump into a pool and drown. If leaving them in a balcony or roof is inevitable, it is best to tie them in shade.

Keep Trash Bins Closed

While a pet may not be hungry after a hearty big meal, it can be super curious, and trying the leftover or spoiled food can cause food poisoning or diarrhea. Aluminum foil or bits of plastic can also block their intestines. In extreme cases, they may get their heads stuck in discarded can or a container or the bin itself.

Leave Enough Food

Sometimes hunger can be a real and valid cause of a dust bin food hunt or eating random stuff. Leave small portions of ready-to-eat pet food and nutritional dog chews that they can snack on if they are being left for long hours. Extra food consumption will not cause the serious harm to them that any eating a non-edible item can.