Today is National Dengue Day and it is observed across the country to create awareness about this deadly fever.

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne virus affecting more than 390 million people every year, across the world. The initial symptoms can be mild but if left untreated it could be fatal.National Dengue Day: 5 Ways To Prevent This Deadly Fever

Also known as break bone fever, Dengue virus is caused due to Aedes mosquito bites. The symptoms include high grade fever, headache, eye pain, joint pains, tender muscles and rashes all over the body. Low white blood cell count and platelet are typically found in dengue patients and these symptoms could last for a week.

Precautions To Prevent Dengue

The best way to prevent dengue is to avoid mosquito bites, as there are no vaccines available to guard against this viral.

Dengue mosquitoes are active before sunset and sunrise. Stay protected by keeping the windows and doors shut.

Choose mosquito repellants with 10 per cent concentration of DEET.

Limit perfume and scented soaps that may attract mosquitoes.

Keep your surroundings clean to prevent mosquito breeding.


The doctors may put the patient on medication to bring down the fever and to reduce body aches.

Since dengue lowers down the platelet count you may be recommended to drink papaya leaf juice as a natural remedy.

The extract of Papaya leaf juice is also now available in the form of tablets and capsules.

Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Take ample rest, avoid visitors mainly elderly and children as they are more vulnerable to infections.