Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May honouring motherhood and maternal bonds throughout the world. Mother is the true personification of the purest form of love, one will ever know. She is the one person who never shows any tiredness and works effortlessly 24x7, 365 days to make everything easier for us. She is the ultimate guiding light who helps us pass every obstacle and encourages us to give our best through the various phases of life.

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Happy Mother's Day 2022

However, we often fail to realise her constant efforts and her selfless love for us. Well, given a choice, we would have celebrated everyday as Mother’s Day. And, truly is there any other job that is more demanding and harder than that of a mother’s. But since, there is only one dedicated day every year when you really get to show the special women in your life how much you love them and express your gratitude for all the efforts she made to make us who we are today, let’s make that one day extra special for her.

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Beauty obsessed or not, every mom deserves to be spoiled and pampered and get some 'Me' time to take care for herself. So, what better holiday than Mother’s Day to stock her shelf with the best beauty gifts she’ll actually use and appreciate?

Celebrate Your Mum This Mother’s Day With Our Wide-Range Of Skin-Care And Beauty Essentials!

Whether she wants to up her anti-aging regimen or perfect her on-the-go makeup routine, or in dire need of some quick fix-ups, we cumulated a list of skin care and beauty essentials that every Mum will love.
Giving gifts for mother's day

Express Your Love And Gratitude For Your Mum With These Beauty Essentials

For The One Who Is New To Motherhood

Motherhood can be a blissful and exhausting experience all at the same time. Those late night and early morning feeding cries are real. Not only do waking up at odd hours cause dark circles under the eyes but also make the skin sallow and lustreless over time. The list of beauty products you gift her is never-ending, but we made it a little easier for you!

Must Haves For Her:

Under Eye Creams: Eliminates dark circles and fine lines

Invigorating Bath Salts: Relieves tension, inflammation and muscular strain

Anti-ageing Serums: To reverse the signs of ageing

For The One Who Likes Insta-Glow

While juggling through the various roles a mum plays, she often fails to provide enough TLC to her skin. For the one who is always busy with some work or the other, a gift set of readymade facial imbued with natural extracts is sure to give that instant glow for sudden parties and events. Choose any one or all of them from this list to surprise her on Mother's Day.

Must Haves For Her:

Sheet Mask: Bestows a natural radiance to the skin and removes dullness

Readymade Ubtan: Brightens and lightens the skin

Facial Serum: Multitasking skin essential with numerous benefits

For The One Who Seeks Calmness

A mother is never free from her daily household chores. By the time she finishes up at night, the exhaustion literally builds up into stress, anxiety and frustration. Trust us, when we say, there is nothing greater than a gift of a relaxing massage as it not only deeply moisturizes and replenishes the skin but also calms the nerves, keeps the body relaxed even in stressful conditions and provides a peaceful night’s sleep. A beautiful pack containing any or all of these beauty necessities is the perfect gift for the mum who really needs a massage but doesn’t have the time to book one.

Must Haves For Her:

Soothing Massage Oils: Treats pain, swelling and relieves stress and anxiety

Face and Body Rollers: Relieves back and muscle pain, provides ultimate calmness and relaxation

Essential oils: Versatile product, improves sleep, treats headache, remedies various skin issues

For The One Trotting On Her Feet All Day

Be it presiding over an office meeting, going out for grocery-shopping, fetching clothes from the laundry, standing and cooking, a mom is continuously trotting on her foot throughout the day to accomplish daily activities. Her toes deserve some extra love this Mother’s Day. Go for any of these and we are sure your mother will forever be thankful to, and so will her newly soft feet.

Must Haves For Her:

Pedicure Kits: Prevents foot infections, bestows soft and smooth heels

Foot Exfoliant Peels: Prevents clogged pores, calluses and provides soft skin

Foot Cream: Repairs cracked heels, stimulates muscles, reduces tension

For The One Who Takes Self-Care Seriously

Well, for the beauty lover and influencer mom who takes self-care to a whole new level, with elaborate beauty regimens, night-time routines, weekly facials etc, she will love anything and everything under the beauty cadre. Just a nicely wrapped box with the gift of your choice will truly make for a thoughtful gift for your beautiful mum.

Must Haves For Her:

CTM Kits: Removes impurities, nourishes dry and parched skin and reduces facial pores

Hair Care Essentials: Stimulates the growth of new hair, enhances the overall texture and appearance of the hair

Beauty Products: Improves mood, enhances the appearance and boosts one's self-esteem