Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of the month of May to honor the mothers and celebrate motherhood. Mother is an epitome of unconditional love, affection and sacrifice. Her selflessness has no bounds. The patience and pain a mother goes through to give birth to a child is unsurpassable.

In olden days, delivery was considered a rebirth. This was because many women lost their lives during childbirth as many of the medical problems were undetected. But now this is greatly reduced due to advancement in medical facilities. Regular checkups in pregnancy and timely interventions have become life saving for many mothers. Still motherhood is a rebirth as her life after childbirth is not the same as before. Her priorities are always about the child. She spends sleepless nights to rear the child.

Young mothers who were used to the luxury of being pampered by the parents sudden find it difficult to cope with the new responsibility of feeding the child and lack of sleep. But every mother becomes a winner even of these tough situations. Nowadays pregnancy classes are being conducted in many places where they meet other mothers which help them to realize that the changes they face in pregnancy are normal and enable them to cope with ease.

Mother’s Day: Learn How You Can Make Your Mother Happy And Healthy By Dr Mathangi Rajagopalan

Motherhood is not just about mental changes, but a woman goes through a lot of physical changes during pregnancy. The weight she gains during pregnancy can change her physique and she may lose confidence about her body. Regular exercises during and after pregnancy can help to avoid the excess weight gain and enable her to regain her shape easily after childbirth. The loss of muscle tone of the abdomen caused by stretching can be regained by doing abdomen strengthening exercises after delivery. Hence inculcating a healthy diet and workout routine during pregnancy is essential not only for the health of the baby but also for the mother.

Mother is the first God, teacher and a friend to her child. A Mother never hates her children however gross mistakes they do. Every mother is like a multi-tasking robot. She takes care of all the needs of the children before they realize it. She has answers to all the problems and questions a child has. Yet the children take her for granted and fail to reward her hard work.

What Do Mothers Need In Return?

All the mothers wish that her children should become a noble person in the society. She only expects love and affection in return for her tireless work. Mother’s Day is not about just celebrating the day & providing her cards and gifts. It is important to imbibe in our mind all the time what she has done for us and it is our duty to respect her, pay her gratitude and look after her health in her needy days. Cherishing the mother’s sacrifice should be done every day and not just on Mother’s Day.

Dr. Mathangi Rajagopalan, MBBS, DGO, MRCOG (UK), is a Senior Consultant, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, BirthRight at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Chennai