Marigold more than a beautiful looking flower, is blessed with immense beauty benefiting properties for nourishing skin health from deep within. Marigold also known as Calendula is famed as the happiness flower and goes with a botanical name Tagetes erecta. This vibrantly hued yellow flower is largely offered to Goddess Durga during pujas and while decorating the house during the festivals. The vivid yellow-orange colour of marigold denotes the energy of the sun, a source of vitality and energy that is believed to ward off all negative vibes and uplift the mood.

The natural cooling property of this wonder flower is valuable in pacifying pitta and kapha dosha. The paste of the leaf with a potent anti-inflammatory effect is used to alleviate muscle pain and rheumatism. The extracts of the leaf are consumed to control bleeding in haemorrhoids and excessive blood flow during menstruation. While the cold infusion of a marigold flower is helpful in treating bronchitis, asthma and cough. Apart from this, several active compounds in marigolds such as Vitamins A, C exhibits strong anti-inflammatory traits that lessen skin irritation and sunburn. Moreover, natural skin-soothing and pore shrining characteristics support to tighten sagging skin, heal, acne and treat all other skin owes related to ageing. Marigold flower extracts are used extensively in beauty care regimen to boost the skin natural glow and radiance instantly.

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Skin Benefitting Properties Of Marigold

The anti-ageing properties regenerate new skin cells by boosting collagen production and fades away fine lines and wrinkles

Laden with antioxidants it rejuvenates dull, dry, sensitive and sagging skin

Natural moisturising effects helps to soothe irritated, chapped and tanned skin.

The astringent traits control excess face oil production and normalize the activity of the sebaceous gland

The potent antibacterial effects are valuable in combatting acne-causing bacteria and treat blackheads, pimples and blemishes.

Blessed with skin-friendly nutrients it shields the skin from damage caused by environmental pollutants.

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