The world of Make-up essentials is ever-growing. From basic CTM products, serums, lip gloss, mascara, sparkles, shimmer, bronzer, highlighters, eye shadows, rouges, and lippies, the beauty bandwagon brings vivid pictures to mind. In today’s fast-paced world, most people need to look gorgeous and elegant for every occasion worth celebrating. Makeup not only helps one feel confident in their skin but also makes one look perfect depending upon the occasion.

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Be it the different social media handles, beauty influencers, your friend or her sister, or that distant cousin, everyone has an opinion on make-up and is always keen on sharing great beauty facts and tips about different make-up products. But alas, for most of us,  either the product they asked to try wasn’t suitable or those tips simply turned out to be beliefs. And when it comes to the skin, one cannot blindly depend on trial-and-error, as those basic trials can lead to huge visible blunders on your skin in the form of acne, pimples, rashes etc.

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Your skin may be normal, dry, oily or a combination of both, but one thing that’s unanimous to all is that one needs to make sure that the makeup products that are being applied are not causing any sensitivity. Beauty lovers or not, over time, most women develop some basic knowledge of make-up whether it be credible or not.

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Amongst the millions of beauty tips squandering throughout the internet, there are quite a few pieces of advice that are simply untrue. It’s time, we debunk those myths and find out the facts so that you can finally make informed opinions regarding beauty requisites.

Amongst the millions of beauty tips squandering throughout the internet, there are quite a few pieces of advice that are simply untrue.

We bring you a list of 5 make-up Myths that are simply doing the rounds on the internet and causing more harm to your skin than good.

Surprising Make-up Myths Debunked

Make-up products

#Myth 1

Make-up products do not expire


Umm, Totally False! Be it living or non-living everything has a shelf life of its own, and make-up essentials are no exception. As soon as you open the product, the shelf life for the product begins ticking back. Just flip the product and you will find the exact expiry date that the manufacturers have already mentioned. Using an expired product, can not only cause allergies and rashes but also lead to permanent damage.

woman removing makeup

#Myth 2

It is not necessary to remove your makeup before going off to bed


Erroneous! Unlike what is shown in majority Tv soaps, it is crucial to remove every layer of make-up before hitting the shacks. Leftover product residue can not only plug up the skin pores but also interfere in the skin rejuvenation and moisturising process that chiefly takes place during the night when one sleeps.

black woman

#Myth 3

Vibrant colourful makeup is only for women with a fair skin tone


Well, this is absolutely untrue. From a bright lip shade on your lips, a pop of hue on the cheeks, to a vibrant colour on the eyes,  everything can look chic on women of colour, irrespective of their skin tone, if you can carry it with confidence. Don't let anything or anyone stop you from investing in that dynamic red lip shade you always thought of purchasing!

using primer

#Myth 4

You can replace your primer with a moisturising cream


Totally Inaccurate! A moisturiser mainly functions by helping keep the skin hydrated and nourished, it doesn’t help much in makeup. Primer on the other hand is the basic step of the make-up and it chiefly helps smooth the skin and allows the foundation to spread evenly on the face. Also, priming a face helps keep the makeup stay put on longer.

foundation for skin tone

#Myth 5:

Opt for a foundation that matches the skin tone of your wrist


A Huge Misconception! Unlike the popular saying, the skin on your wrist doesn’t help you get the exact shade of foundation. If you look closely in the mirror, in reality, every part of your body has a different skin tone and it never exactly matches the skin of the face. Stress, sun exposure, and weather conditions can alter the skin colour on your face more than the rest of the body. To find the ideal foundation shade, it is best to match the foundation hue to your jawline, if it matches there, your quest to find the perfect foundation shade ends there.