Mahendra Singh Dhoni, or “Captain Cool” as he is more popularly known by his ardent fans, turns 38 today. Born in Ranchi, Jharkhand the journey of M S Dhoni from a small-town boy to a Cricket Hero of the world, is truly inspiring.

Dhoni’s determination and grit in bringing laurels to the country as a cricketer stands as a testimonial for today’s youth that nothing can stop them from making their dreams into a reality.

In his illustrious career spanning over a decade-and-half as a right-handed middle-order batsman and a wicket keeper, Dhoni crossed several milestones, invented various techniques from being a stroke-making, unstoppable batsman thanks to his signature helicopter shots or as an Eagle-eyed wicket keeper squatting behind the wickets.

The country always comes first for the ‘Captain Cool’ who led India to victory in various tournaments including World Cup in 2011. He was the second Indian cricketer to be conferred the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel by The Indian Territorial Army in 2011 after Kapil Dev.

M S Dhoni is also known for his long tryst with number 7. His birthday falls on the 7th day of the 7th month, July and he also wears a jersey with number 7 on the back.

On his birthday, we share 7 top fitness secrets of M S Dhoni, the brand ambassador for, that keep him growing from strength to strength, every day.

MS Dhoni

Eat Homecooked Food

Ghar Ka Khaana is what Dhoni swears by. His diet is rich in all the essential nutrients - carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. His day starts with a meal of porridge, fruits, nuts and a full glass of milk. He prefers a staple meal of dal, with rice for lunch, and with chapatis for dinner, along with fresh vegetable salads and his all-time favourite – butter chicken.

Avoid Excessively Fatty Foods

Dhoni rigorously follows the diet recommended by his fitness coach and does not give in to temptations. He is very motivated to stay in good physical shape and hence it is always a big no from him for deep-fried foods.

Say Yes To Fresh Juices, Protein Shakes

Steering clear of packaged juices and soft drinks is something Dhoni strictly follows, to avoid unhealthily high doses of sugar. He opts for these two “super drinks” - protein shakes and fresh fruit juices, between training and practice sessions, as they replenish his body with nourishment, and contribute to building his muscle power.

Workout With A Group

"The finisher” MSD enjoys working out with his teammates, as it instills positivity and builds camaraderie among his peers.  His exercise schedule comprises lap runs, cardio sessions, squatting routines and strength training, to toughen his core muscles and improve his stamina.

Stay Active Always

When he is not busy playing cricket for India, Dhoni still stays very active by playing badminton and football. These sports assist him in enhancing his hand-eye coordination and his footwork, which are both pivotal for building his sharp wicket-keeping skills.

Sleep Well

Dhoni emphasizes that rest is absolutely required after a long day of arduous physical activity, for the body to recover from stress and strain. He makes sure that he gets his “7” hours of sleep every day, without fail.

Stay Relaxed

Apart from diet and exercise, Dhoni believes in staying calm under pressure for overall fitness. He loves spending time with his family and friends, playing golf in his leisure time. wishes its Brand Ambassador M S Dhoni, a very Happy Birthday