Winter heralds the beginning of not only crisp mornings, early sunsets and chilly nights but also dry skin woes and chapped lips. While most people tend to customize their daily skincare routines for the face and body, to include cold creams, frequent moisturising and aromatic bath oils, the peeling skin on the lips is often ignored. Also Check Out: 5 Awesome Natural Remedies To Heal Dry Skin Problems In Winter-Infographic

However, not maintaining the moisture and softness of lips, particularly during the harsh winters, can have dire consequences. This is because the skin on the lips is thinner and more delicate than the skin on the face and the rest of the body. Hence, it requires special care and attention, so that it does not become flaky and rough and lose its natural colour and smooth texture.

The best solution for shrivelled and thinning lips, especially in frosty climates, is lip balms.

Lip balms are essentially prepared using gel-like substances such as petroleum jelly, synthetic wax or natural components, along with added substances like fruit extracts or medicinal herbs, to enhance their healing potential on brittle skin. They are mainly sold as beauty products, specifically for application on the lips.

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Nevertheless, dermatologists recommend applying a generous amount of lip balm every day, to ensure ample moisture is supplied to the skin on lips. They also shield the sensitive skin on lips from many factors, including environmental pollutants, harmful UV rays from the sun and extreme climates. Also Read: Winter Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin

Here are some excellent lip balms, that will guarantee a silky feel and a lustrous look to your lips, so you can flash that smile with confidence!

Himalaya strawberry shine lip balm
Himalaya Lip Care - Strawberry Shine 4.5 gm

A nourishing lip balm, this colourful lip balm contains oil extracts of apricot kernel and strawberry seed, that are abundant in vitamin E and essential fatty acids and serve as an effective remedy for chapped lips.

Nivea strawberry shine lip balm
This soothing lip balm, besides supplying a vibrant pink tint to your lips, also guarantees long-lasting moisturization and a delightful fragrance of fresh strawberries.

Patanjali strawberry shine lip balm
If you have excessively chapped lips, go for this smooth and mildly watery lip balm that instantly pervades through the lips and pacifies aggravated skin. The natural, ayurvedic infusions help in mending cracking and dryness.

Eau thermale lip balm
A wonderful lip care product it has powerful retinaldehyde and tocopherol i.e. vitamin E elements, that effectually correct wrinkled, withered lips and reverse loss of elasticity.

Infused with the goodness of fruits, this lip balm is enriched with fruit extracts from strawberries as well as medicinal essential oils, to rectify parched skin on lips and keep the lips shimmering and soft.

Nivea cherry shine lip balm
If you want extra shine on lips, go for this care gel which is dermatologically tested and safe ingredients, that locks-in moisture and restores volume and suppleness to lips, with an uplifting cherry aroma.

Himalaya lip balm
An awesome lip balm imbued with time-tested therapeutic herbs, such as oils derived from carrot seed, castor, coconut, sweet indrajao and wheat germ, it repairs cracked lips.

Himalaya cocoa butter lip balm
The richness of cocoa butter in this lip care product safeguards fragile skin on lips, effectively treats dryness and provides intense hydration all day long.

Maybelline berry crush lip balm
Hoping for baby lips? Choose this one not just for that deep pink tint to the lips but also for overall protection. With SPF 20 and polybutene, it moistens the skin on lips and defends them from UV rays, reviving dry lips.

Himalaya litchi shine lip balm
Love litchis? Then this superb lip balm containing castor oil and litchi infusions is for you. Rich in polyphenol antioxidants, conferring emollient and moisturising traits to the lips, go for it to give extra shine.

Nivea pomegranate shine lip balm
This vibrant lip balm comprises natural oils and pomegranate extracts, that present a luminous deep red glow to lips, apart from 24-hour hydration and a pleasant aroma.

Khadi wine grapefruit lip balm
If you want your lips to stay hydrated for longer hours, pick this herbal lip balm bursting with the goodness of wine grapefruit, that provides vitamin C and a citrusy scent, for enhanced lip hydration, firmness and volume.

Khadi kiwi fruit lip balm
This pacifying lip care product is filled with miraculous curative ingredients like honey, beeswax and kiwi fruit extracts, for instant relief from chapped and peeling lips.

Himalaya peach shine lip balm
The unique addition of peach kernel oil in this soothing lip balm will certainly assure protective hydration-sealing qualities, besides soft and plump lips.

Maybelline pink lolita lip balm
With a mild fruity fragrance and subtle rosy tint, this impressive lip balm recovers wear and tear of skin on the lips, leaving a glowing and velvety look.