Even as seasons change from blazing hot summers to breezy wet monsoons and more than a year has gone by, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has still not completely abated. Nevertheless, if you have just recuperated from the infectious disease and have tested negative for coronavirus, there is no reason to not celebrate the grand festival of lights that is Diwali.

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Of course, it is widely known that COVID-19 primarily affects the upper respiratory tract, with symptoms of cough, cold, sore throat, fever, breathing difficulties, which advances to affect the functioning of the lungs and heart. However, following some simple measures to take care of the body and promote the recovery process will ensure safe, healthy and happy diwali revelries with near and dear ones.
Celebrating Diwali as a family

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5 Ways To Enjoy Diwali Post COVID-19 Recovery:

Follow A Healthy Diet

After overcoming a viral infection, a wholesome balanced diet high on proteins, fibres, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is crucial to replenish the body with essential nutrients and restore the optimal functioning of the lungs and other internal organs of the heart, brain, stomach, intestines, liver and kidneys. This builds strong immunity against further infections and thwarts body weakness, fatigue, considerably strengthening the body.

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Keep A Pulse Oximeter Handy

A pulse oximeter is a valuable portable device that measures the levels of oxygen in the blood and indicates any issues with circulation and operations of the lungs and heart. Since doctors have reported that patients continue to face minor fatigue and occasional dizziness or shortness of breath even after recovering from COVID-19, carrying a pulse oximeter while visiting friends and relatives amidst the Diwali festivities helps gauge oxygen saturation levels in the blood and ensure that body vitals are within the normal range in recovering patients.

Consume Herbal Drinks

Natural ayurvedic formulations and herbal drinks have gained widespread recognition in present times of COVID-19, thanks to their outstanding healing abilities and immune-boosting potential. Sipping on a glass of warm kabasura kudineer daily promotes lung health, relieves asthma symptoms, soothes sore throat, cough, cold, fever and even detoxifies the system, helping get rid of toxins and impurities in the blood.

Practice Breathing Exercises

Since COVID-19 hampers lung functions, after recovering from the viral disease, it is important to engage in breathing exercises every day to boost lung power. Simple deep breathing exercises, yoga, meditation and pranayama confer amazing incentives for respiratory wellness, improve lung capacity, ease breathing distress and even promote heart health.

Continue Using Face Masks

Even though COVID-19 may be on the decline now, with only a few cases being recorded on a daily basis all over India, it is still necessary to follow COVID-appropriate behaviour. While going out during Diwali or hosting friends and family at home for a scrumptious festival meal, healthy individuals and people who have recovered from COVID-19 must continue to wear face masks whenever possible even while interacting with others. Also, using hand sanitisers after touching many surfaces or coming in contact with many people and maintaining social distancing in public places helps curb the transmission of infection and protects the lungs, heart and body from COVID-19.

Netmeds.com Wishes All Its Customers A Happy, Healthy And Safe Diwali!