Gentlemen! Today is International Men’s Day and it is getting more popular with each passing year.International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day may not be as popular as International Women’s Day, but it is slowly gaining momentum across the globe, thanks to initiatives taken by the UNESCO.

The objectives of International Men’s Day aim at focusing on male health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality and highlighting male role models.

On this occasion, follow these wellness tips to pave a way for healthy living.

Get Screened:

If you are in your mid-thirties, it’s time to schedule your doctor’s appointments regularly. Get a preventive care plan and get all tests done. Talk to your doctor about the tests, preventive measures and decide what’s best for your health.

Eat Healthy, Stay Active:

The two major lifestyle diseases – diabetes and high blood pressure pose a greater risk to health. Eat healthy and balanced food, exercise regularly to maintain good fitness levels. If you are a diabetic or a high blood pressure patient, talk to your doctor on how to keep blood sugar and pressure issues under control.

Limit Drinks and Quit Smoking:

Even if you are a social drinker and occasional smoker, stop it right away. Smoking is not only injurious to you but will also cause major health hazards to your entire family. If you drink regularly, limit it to moderate amounts. Talk to your doctor on the permissible limits of alcohol based on your health condition.

Talk And Share:

Many men tend not to share their worries or feelings. Don’t hold back your feelings as it ups severe levels of stress and anxiety. Depression is also a common condition that affects millions of men around the world. If you are feeling low for no reason, see a counsellor for proper advice.

Skin Care:

Men too need their proper skin regimen as they get more prone to skin lesions and sun spots with the age. If you find anything unusual like sudden warts, lesions on the skin, see a doctor immediately as it could indicate cancer. Dab good amounts of sunscreen to avoid the damage caused by UV rays.