Almonds undoubtedly top the list of superfoods bestowed by Mother Nature, providing us with ample nutrients for inner health and skin. While doctors recommend eating a fistful of almonds daily for good cardiac health, these nuts are equally beneficial if you are looking for supple, soft skin and luscious hair.

Almonds For Soft Skin

Nutritional Facts

Almonds are rich in a myriad of essential nutrients including antioxidants, vitamin E, B complex and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, manganese, copper, selenium, and iron. The dense nutrient profile in almonds is beneficial in promoting skin health and prevents skin damage by eliminating the formation of free radicals.

For Healthy Hair

Almonds are abundant in essential fatty acids that aid in promoting the strength and texture of the hair. Evidence proves that topical application of almond extract before going for any chemical hair treatment is beneficial as it prevents the penetration of the chemicals to the hair strands by lessening the lasting damage.

Almonds oil is a wonderful ingredient that makes your hair shine and promotes the strengthening of hair roots. The fortified oil base is loaded with essential nutrients such as zinc and vitamin A and the thicker consistency makes it easy to blend with other ingredients as well. Regular application of almond oil to the scalp maintains stronger hair roots, minimizes the hair fall and gives you healthy and lustrous mane. Also Read: 5 Must-Have Essential Oils For Monsoon

For Glowing Skin

Almond oils are well-known for their ability in enhancing the smoothness of the skin. Almond oil is highly recommended for dry skin issues like atopic eczema and even proven to reduce pregnancy-induced stretch marks.

The goodness of Vitamin E and essential mineral in almonds oils are beneficial in slowing down premature aging of the skin and lowers the formation of wrinkles. It is an amazing moisturizer and possesses exfoliating properties.

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