We know how tempting it is to just crash into bed after coming home from an exhaustive workday or a party or any other event. And unlike putting on makeup which is quite interesting since you are in the mood to go out and win the world, removing it isn’t the most fun part of the skincare regimen, especially when it’s late and you are exhausted. At the end of the day, when you are simply craving for your 8 hours of beauty sleep, a simple makeup removal can seem like a huge chore.

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How Important Is Make-Up Removal?

Wiping away all the makeup residue before sleeping is a crucial part of your skincare routine, but are you sure you are doing it the right way? With lots of beauty advice doing rounds on the internet, by now you know how sleeping with your makeup on could disrupt your oil and moisture balance and lead to sudden breakouts, parched skin, the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, eye infection, broken lashes and other skin woes. But did you know that even removing makeup the wrong way could lead to premature ageing or worse damage your skin permanently?

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Right from cleansing oils and heavy-duty balms to rotating facial brushes, even the rudimentary task of makeup removal technique has gone through myriad trends, and it can be quite exasperating trying to keep up with the latest craze. However, there are a handful of constants that should be abided by to ensure makeup is removed perfectly without causing any unwarranted stress to your skin.

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Woman removing makeup

A flawless makeup removal practice, like the rest of your skin care regimen, keeps your skin soft and allows it to breathe and regenerate overnight, keeping it looking radiant and dewy.

Well, nothing to worry about. We curated a list of the five most atrocious makeup-removing sins that are preventing your skin from regenerating and looking healthy.

5 Common Make-Up Removing Blunders


Make up removers

Using A Makeup Remover That Does Not Match Your Skin’s Need: 

The skin on our face and neck is rather delicate than the rest of our body, and unfortunately, it’s also the area most exposed to environmental damage and free oxygen radicals. The primary job of a makeup remover is to get clean skin but obviously without ruining it. Using the wrong formulation can induce an allergic reaction like inflammation, patches and redness.

Ideal makeup removers are not only mild and effective but also non-abrasive on the skin. In case you are blessed with oily skin, you can try out micellar water as a cleanser, as it is one of the lightest beauty formulas that make your skin look dewy and fresh. Then again, individuals with dry skin can consider using milky or creamy cleansers as they contain emollients that gently scourge away makeup residue and grime particles while also moisturizing the skin. Likewise, if you have sensitive skin, you should try out formulations like a cleansing balm that gently remove remnant makeup without jeopardizing the skin texture.


Hot and cold water to remove makeup

Using Very Hot or Cold Water To Remove Makeup

The epidermal layer of the skin is delicate and wiping away makeup with hot water can be hostile towards the skin’s natural lipid barrier, leading to dehydration and dullness. Similarly, using icy cold water is also not a suitable choice either as it would not work efficiently to scourge away oil thoroughly from the skin’s surface. Most dermatologists and beauty experts recommend opting for lukewarm water instead to cleanse and purify the skin efficiently and retain its natural oils.


Scrubbing and rubbing the skin harshly

Scrubbing And Rubbing The Skin Harshly

While you can exfoliate your body with a loofah using some amount of pressure, applying the same technique on your face might be more dangerous than you realize. Being delicate, all that vigorous tugging and rubbing with wet tissues or make-up wipes can not only lead to redness and inflammation but also harm internal blood vessels which is unnecessary.

Instead of this continuous physical abrasion towards your skin, invest a couple of more minutes and try to keep the remover on your face for at least 10-15 seconds for it to soak in before cleansing. This action would readily help dissolve the water-proof formulations and enable them to come off easily. 


Removing eye makeup

Not Giving Enough Attention To The Eye Area

When it comes to the eyes, one has to take extra care as it is the most sensitive area of the face. Using a regular cleanser isn’t helpful to remove eye makeup as the eye formulas are usually waterproof and may not get wiped away easily. For easy eye makeup removal, instil a few drops of the recommended cleanser on a cotton pad, place it on your eyes and allow it to sit for a few seconds to gradually break down the formula. Now gently wipe off the product buildup from the eyes and the lashes without scrubbing. Repeat the process until there is no remnant makeup on the eyes.


Removing makeup

Ignoring The Jaw, Neck and Hairline Areas

What may seem like a fundamental step, is often disregarded by many. While applying makeup, it is important to cover up the hairline, jaws and neck to keep a uniformity of skin colour. Likewise, it is equally essential to clean these areas of your skin too. With passing time, apart from the face and hands, the neck is an area where premature ageing signs become more pronounced. Hence removing make-up properly from the jaw, hairline and neck is highly crucial to avoid early ageing signs and sudden occurrence of pimples.