If highly contagious and mutating Covid-19 infection has taught us something over the past two years, it’s a sustainable way of living. With places of gathering closed for a long time, this form of lifestyle not only made us master the art of  studying and working from home but also incited people to learn to cook with fewer ingredients, do skin and hair care necessities without salon visits and even work out and keep oneself healthy right at home. Now after two years, even though, things are gradually getting back to normalcy, some people still prefer the comfort of home for certain activities. And one of the most reported ones in Home-based workouts.

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Although working out with a group of people helps cultivate confidence and determination to be strong and active, many people prefer losing weight and being healthy right at home, without the judging and glaring eyes at the gym or studio. If you belong to that later cadre, look no further, this 2- minute read is just what you need to stay fit!

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If you think that losing weight or maintaining your physique is not possible without the equipment present at the gymnasium, you my friend are very wrong. You already have weights at home, and no, we ain’t talking about the dumbles you need to purchase, it’s your body weight that helps you lose those extra inches. Lifting your body weight is reasonably better than lifting weights in the gym, any day!

Wanna Know, What Are The Benefits Of Bodyweight Exercises?

Well, for starters, Bodyweight exercises boost immunity, enhance the cardiovascular system, increase endurance, and stamina, promote functional fitness and fortify the various large and small muscle groups within the body. They even help tone the muscles and increase raw muscular strength. Additionally, they are also super beneficial for the elderly to augment lean muscle mass.

Several studies reveal that bodyweight exercises targeted toward the lower half of the body even strengthen the thigh muscles, tone the calf muscles and helps one maintain a solid stature.

So, just do some warm-up exercises like neck tilts, neck rotations, arm, leg and ankle rotations, waist circles, side bends and spot jogging to activate your body and you are ready for the bodyweight exercises.

Foray through this infographic to find 5 amazing bodyweight exercises targeted toward specific parts of the body.