‘Bura Na Mano Holi Hai’- Today is Holi, the festival of colours which is celebrated all across the nation by different communities with much pomp and fanfare sans any inhibitions. Since the past 2 years, the celebrations during Holi were much toned down, well no thanks to the highly spreading Covid-19. But much to everyone's respite, this year the positivity of the cases has decreased to a huge extent, and everyone is highly excited to get drenched in vibrant hues.

Right from unwinding oneself from the stressful work situations, dousing each other with gulaal or water balloons, enjoying some sumptuous snacks and gulping down refreshing thandai, Holi is one of most fun-filled festival that people wait eagerly throughout the year to celebrate with their near and dear ones.

Traditionally, Holi was celebrated using natural pigments and colours obtained from flowers, but in recent times owing to greater demand and industrialization, cheaper synthetic colours are available in every nook and corner. These synthetic or artificial colours contain chemicals like lead oxide, mercury sulphite, copper sulphate etc. that not only cause damage to our skin, hair, eyes but also can be highly perilous to our health.

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Even if one is switching from the chemical-laden colours to the natural organic ones, direct application would still cause breakouts, dryness, allergy and other skin woes. Hence, it is mandatory to take care of the skin, hair, nails and eyes prior to playing with colours. But even though you might smear some almond oil on your skin, use shades to protect your eyes, tie a bandana to protect your hair, or paint your nails, the battle in the shower after all the colour splashing and fun is literally a long and real one. The process of repeatedly washing with soaps and shower gels and scrubbing the skin with exfoliators aggravates a lot of skin damage and dryness

So, this Holi, without compromising on the fun, let's try on some time-tested natural methods to free your body from synthetic colours safely.