You wake up to a tune of a romantic number playing on your phone, someone asks you to come to your balcony and you see your love waiting down with a bouquet of flowers, a bunch of heart shaped balloons and a box of your favourite chocolates. Well, this isn’t a scene from a romantic movie. Some people actually do all these things on a very special day. Any guesses? Well, it is none other than February 14, the day we all celebrate worldwide as Valentine’s Day.

(Celebrate Love This Valentine's Day With Our Wide-Range Of Beauty Essentials And Accessories For Your Bae!)

Happy Valentine's Day

Love is in the air and the day dedicated to love and all lovers is just around the corner. It is one of the most awaited days of the year and couples throughout the world plan for extraordinary surprises and activities for each other. Without a shred of doubt, love cannot be bound to just one day, but obviously, you can make it much more special by expressing your true feelings without any inhibitions.

Be it a bouquet of flowers or just a single red rose, extraordinary chocolates or a simple bar of milk choco, a lavish date at a restaurant followed by a movie or just a thoughtful well-planned quiet evening spent on your rood or at home, love can never be measured with the amount one spends on someone. It’s just the very thought that counts on how well you know your partner and what she likes.

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Right from early school love, college sweethearts, newly-weds or married and aged couples, a gift is something everyone awaits and even feels happy about. And of all the gifts you buy for her, the one for V-day has to be extremely romantic, thoughtful and special that will always be reminiscent of your unconditional love for her. Moreover, if your special someone goes crazy about beauty, choosing one from the huge range of beauty goodies is a truly exhausting task.

If you are thinking of upping the romantic quotient with your valentine further, do not fret for ideas. We curated a list of special picks to surprise that special lady in your life:

Express Your Love With These Beauty Essentials

Beauty Supplements

Surprise your lady love with the gift of beauty and health from within. Although an unconventional one, these beauty supplements in the form of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and collagen shots, powders or tabs are a unique way to express your love. Not only does these help her reverse the age clock naturally but also some of them especially collagen helps to strengthen the joints, prevent bone loss, promote heart health, boosts lean muscle mass and bless one with gorgeous hair and nails, to invoke her true beautiful self.

Essential Oils

Well, if the year 2020 has given us something, it is obviously stress and anxiety due to various issues. Stress is the primary culprit behind most skin issues. If you truly want to gift her something that takes the edge away by calming her mind and relieving tension while bestowing her with glamorous skin and hair, look no further, a nicely wrapped box of selected essential oils is your ultimate answer. From lavender, jojoba, rose, sage, vetiver, cedarwood, juniper, just get to know her favourite brand of essential oil and you are all set to win her heart.

Man hiding roses and gifts to surprise


A woman could never say no to a bottle of exhilarating fragrance even if she owns an entire cabinet of it. It literally creates an aura and helps one yield a unique breath-taking experience. From floral, earthy, to musky, just learn the type of note she prefers and gift her a bottle of an invigorating perfume or cologne that will always make her remember you whenever she puts it on.

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Skin And Hair Care Necessities

Many women do not prefer putting on layers of make-up, and instead go for skin or hair care essentials that will bequeath them with flawless dewy skin and sleek, plush hair naturally. For those naturally beautiful souls out there, a nicely wrapped box of body wash, scrubs, body butters, hair packs, masks, toners, moisturizers or serums, will truly make for a thoughtful gift on the special day and make her love you more.

Manicure/Pedicure Goodies

Who doesn’t love to get pampered and have a day of relaxing, soothing experience? Well, if you really want to surprise your lady love with a romantic and caring gift, just get her a set of manicure and pedicure kit with additional hand and foot care tools and see her flash an ecstatic smile like no other.