Do you have a fetish for waves or curls in your hair, to give you a break from that boring limp poker-straight hair? Perming your hair is the best option to step up your hair game and flaunt those bouncy ringlets in your hair and garner attention.

Nowadays changing your natural hair can easily be done at some salon. Permed hair is a chemical treatment to temporarily break the bond in each hair shaft and rebonding it to give a new shape. Once the bonds are broken, hot iron rods are used to give the desired wavy or curly appearance and then the shape is maintained and hair bonds are reconstructed using chemical neutralizers.

permed hair care

As easy as it may sound, chemically treated permed hair requires a lot of care and pampering. Here are a few effective tips you can follow to maintain the beautiful curls for a long period:

Nourish Your Tresses:

Since chemicals are used to perm your hair, it is very important to provide extra nourishment for those treated tresses to minimalize the side effects. Try some homemade hydrating hair masks or protein hair masks to add that extra shine and moisture to your hair.

Avoid Other Hair Treatments:

Hair treatments within a year to your permed hair should be avoided as perming the natural hair already took a lot of chemicals. The addition of more chemicals or heat may make your hair dry and brittle with split ends and ultimately leading to severe hair fall.

Condition To Retain Moisture:

The use of chemicals in perming strips your hair of its natural moisture. Stop using shampoos laced with heavy chemicals and use special shampoos meant for permed hair thrice a week. Deep conditioning of the treated hair is a must after every wash to retain the moisture and alter the damage by making the hair look healthy and bouncy. You can also try some homemade natural conditioners for lustrous, shiny hair.

Regular Trimming:

To keep your mane healthy and damage-free, try to trim your hair or get a haircut done at least once or twice every two months to prevent your hair from being brittle and showing split ends. Having long hair will also weigh down your curls and make them lose their shape.

Detangle It The Right Way:

Permed hair takes a lot of effort to detangle. After shampooing your hair, you must use a wooden comb or wide toothbrush or even your fingers to slowly untangle the knots in your hair and then put some hair serum and gently brush using the wide-tooth comb and allow your hair to air dry. A hot air emitting blow dryer should never be used for permed hair as it completely removes moisture from the hair making it dry and lifeless, but in case you are in a hurry, you can opt for a blow drier with cold setting.