With the advent of the internet and heightened exposure to social media, we all keep scrolling through the handles of our favourite celebrities envying their overall appearance. And, while we keep daydreaming of getting beautiful skin like them, no handbook can reveal those detailed beauty secrets they may not have told us about.

Never mind, there is no dearth of skin solutions that can make us look and feel beautiful inside out helping us get that similar gorgeous glow. While monsoon brings a lot of moisture, it also comes with some tricky skin woes. Since we tend to wash our faces many times during the day to get rid of sweat, impurities, and grime, it causes the skin to get extremely dry and flaky. If left untreated, the dead cells accumulate on the skin's surface and affect its texture, making it rough, bumpy, scaly, itchy, and red. Do not neglect these signs as these issues can later lead to bigger skin problems. A flaky, scaly patch that comes and goes could be a warning of actinic keratosis.

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As a norm, a healthy skin should have at least twenty percent water content. Flaking is your skin's way of recovering or healing from outside damage that could be due to numerous reasons.

Flakiness of skin is the loss of its topmost or upper layer. This happens when natural oils produced by skin start to dry up and dehydrate it. This results in loss of water as much as 60 times more than normal skin! This causes the dermis to flake itself and peel away.

Why Dermis Gets Ripped Off In Monsoon?

During monsoon season, due to excessive oiliness, we tend to use facewashes and scrubs to de-grease our skin many times a day. While this removes oil, it also changes the PH level of the skin making it dull, dry and flaky. Here are some other causes of this skin problem during this time of the year:

  • Staph or fungal infections
  • Athlete's foot or ringworm
  • Eczema, atopic dermatitis or psoriasis
  • Forced-air heat that can cause lack of humidity
  • Cancer treatments like radiation therapy
  • Certain topical medications like retinoids
  • Hot baths in heated pools
  • A disorder of immune system
  • Using harsh skin cleansers

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Incorporating a right regime, eating a fibrous diet, along with usage of products, there is no reason that you should not get that glamour laden gorgeous glow on you! To know more on the products can benefit your skin regime, foray into this infographic:

5 Fantastic Fixes To Flaky Skin